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Old age or basic skin defects can lead your skin to lose important fat cells that bring about the glow and youngness of your skin. Not to worry, our scientists have several ways to solve your problem. The best and the newest method in the industry is a microcannula treatment.

For years doctors and surgeons have been using Sharp-Tip Needles for injecting fillers inside your tender skin. This method is effective but possesses an extensive risk of bruising your skin. Also, using the sharp needle method is more painful for the patient, unlike a microcannula tube which is not sharp over its tip, substantially reducing the risks of tearing veins and arteries.

Perks Of Using Microcannula Over Sharp-Tip Needles

The sharp tip needle method for injecting fillers is the traditional method and has been proven effective alright, but today, we have a better and more effective product in the market. Microcannula is nothing but an innovative technique for injecting fillers indie your tender skin.

Several benefits of using a Microcannula over sharp-tip needles are mentioned below:

  • Flexibility: 

The microcannula tube is extremely flexible through which a doctor can target several areas in a single insertion. It reduces the doctor’s efforts, and patients’ pain as well.

  • Accuracy:

 Microcannula tubes are lesser in diameter around their tips, which helps provide more accuracy to the doctor. With easy insertion and movability inside the skin, a doctor can easily inject the fillers accurately over the target areas.

  • Low Pain:

It has been proven by several microcannula treatments that the microcannula technique is much less painful than the sharp tip needle treatment. Topical anaesthesia is enough before performing a microcannula treatment.

  • Better Results:

 Since the accuracy is better with microcannula treatment, a patient can expect better and more precise results from the treatment.

  • Low Risk Of Bruises: 

A microcannula comes with a blunt tip, which means it is not even sharp enough to tear through the surface of your skin. Therefore, the doctor first creates an opening through a sharp-tip needle on the surface of your skin after which the microcannula is inserted. With microcannula, the chances of tearing veins or nerves which may cause bruises over your skin is substantially reduced.

These were some of the benefits of a microcannula over a sharp-tip needle. Both techniques can get the job done. The debate is on which technique is better for the treatment.

Although, there are some cases where a microcannula treatment may not be the best technique to go for. Microcannula comes with a blunt tip, which is why it cannot be used to tear through the skin. Therefore, acne scars should not be filled using the microcannula technique.


After going through this article, you would have understood how a microcannula technique d犀利士
iffers from a sharp-tip needle technique. As mentioned above, both techniques are suitable and can get the job done. 

The difference is that a microcannula technique has more accuracy and helps provide better results to the patient with lesser pain during the treatment process. Therefore, many doctors and institutions are shifting towards this technique over the traditional sharp-tip needle technique.