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If you are looking for a good heat press machine, then you are at the right place! We are just about to begin our blog regarding the best heat press machines that are available in the market. Currently, with so many different products available in the market, it can be really confusing to choose the best among all the other machines. After long testing and observations, we have got some excellent heat press machines that can help you to revamp your business to a whole new level. Check out our heat press review and let us know which machine suits your needs the best!


Best Heat Press Machines In 2020

PowerPress Digital 15-by-15-Inch Heat Press

An incredibly popular and successful heat press machine that is available in the market for less than $200, the PowerPress Digital 15-by-15-Inch Press is a must buy. It’s maximum temperature can climb upto a range of 500° degree and the time taken to do so can be within 0-999 seconds. The machines come with Silicone gel base board that helps to provide revamped stability. The adjustable pressure is also advantageous. It allows you to apply different pressure depending on the kind of object you are pressing under it. The 15-by-15-Inch is more than enough surface area for working with regular accessories.

Mophorn Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press

Available at a price of around $250, the Mophorn Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press comes with sturdy construction and 12 x 15-inch heat press and 6 x 3-inch hat cap press. The range of temperature on this machine is within the bracket of 400 degrees and takes 0-999 seconds to reach. One of the best feature of this machine is that it is made of commercial-grade, very durable system that is accompanied with stainless sturdy steel frame. The adjustable spring balancer is a welcome feature, allowing you to adjust the pressure when pressing different accessories. It also has removable silicon and cotton pads.

ShareProfit Heat Press Sublimation Machine

If you are low on budget, then the ShareProfit Heat Press Machine is the one you need to buy. This machine features a voltage of 110V/60Hz and gross power of maximum 1200W. The 15″ x 15″ working pads help to work more efficiently with the surface allowing you to press almost anything that you want to. The best feature of this machine is the Aluminum heat plate which distributes the heat equally throughout. At the same time, the industrial strength and durability of the machine allows for usage in the long run. You can achieve 360 degrees rotation with it’s help due to the brilliant Swing-away design.

Promo Heat 15 in. X 15 Heat Press Machine

A premium quality heat press machine, the Promo Heat 15 in. X 15 Heat Press is for versatile operation and business needs. It has a maximum temperature range of upto 750 F. The machine is integrated with Digital LCD timer which provides accurate timing all the time. The temperature control is also very useful. The top can be easily accessed and moved freely. Clamshell style machine that comes with premium Teflon coating for long term usage, the press machine is a true value for money deal.


So, here are the best heat press machine that you can choose to buy in 2020 without any doubt.