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Tired of clutter dominating your entryway but have no space to work with? Look up, you have more space to work with than you think. Whether you have a traditional foyer space or the front door simply opens into the room, there is wall space which can be utilized to help uncluttered the entryway. Use these DIY ideas and available wall space to reclaim an uncluttered, welcoming entryway to your home.

Hang Floating Shelves

Hang floating shelves in an eye pleasing arrangement to create visual interest and storage space in an entryway. Floating shelves have no visible means of support and look as though they are floating in mid-air. The shelf is attached to the wall via a flange which is hid by the shelf and come in all sizes.

Basket Hanging

If open floating shelving is not the look you want, make a wall arrangement of several narrow baskets . The baskets can discreetly hold gloves, scarves, homework, mail and whatever else accumulates at your front door.

Inexpensive baskets and floating shelves can be painted to compliment wall color and be implemented as part of the room décor.

Bring a Window Shutter Inside

A garage or flea market find of an old wood shutter is a gold mine for helping to uncluttered the entryway. Paint shutter desired color or leave in an as-is weather condition for a shabby chic look, turn shutter upside down then attach a magnetic strip designed to hold knives (available in kitchen section of most stores) one-third of the way up from the bottom.

Attach a shelf or basket the same width of the shutter to the bottom (shutter is upside down) of the shutter (screws or carpenter glue will do the trick). Paint shelf or basket if desired and when paint is dried, hang shutter de-clutter unit to the wall. Use the magnetic strip to catch and hold keys so you always know where your car keys are, the bottom shelf as a catch-all and the slots of the upside down shutter make perfect mail and paper holders. Clip a few old fashioned wood clothes pins to the shutter and you’ll have a great place to display school or art work and/or leave notes for family member.

If the entryway has close opposing walls, create a matching shutter declutter unit for that wall. Instead of attaching a magnetic strip to the second window shutter, glue an appropriate sized mirror to the shutter for those last minute look-sees before dashing out the door. Lighter weight vinyl or plastic window shutters work just as well as the vintage wood shutters and either material can be cut to fit entryway walls. In doing these tasks, using the right tools like the best dewalt impact driver will help you do the work properly. Also, you can ensure that what you are doing will be durable and quality.