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If you don’t like the task of vacuuming or you are just trying to save yourself some time during the course of the day, you may consider purchasing a Roomba vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleans by itself, and all you need to do is empty the canister. Before purchasing the Roomba vacuum you will need to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of the Roomba.

First lets take a loot at the pros of the Roomba. As mentioned above it will definitely save you time in the long run. It also gets into those hard to reach places such as under the couch, and under dressers. If you have a hard time vacuuming under these areas the Roomba may actually be a good purchase. It also picks up dirt pretty well. It gets some of the dirt that the vacuum cleaner may miss. The price of the Roomba vacuum cleaner is about the same as a regular vacum. It also gets into the corners of the room very well. The price is pretty much average for a vacuum cleaner. Many persons are carrying their pets in the car. With the help of best car vacuum for pet hair, the hairs of the pets will be removed from the cars. 

So what are the cons to the Roomba vacuum cleaner? To start with it does not hold a large amount of dirt. You will need to empty out the dirt about half way through the room. If you have small sized rooms you may be able to allow it to finish the room before having to empty it. You will also need to walk around the room and pick up any objects, that can clog up the vacuum. Large pieces of paper, buttons, and string, can cause your vacuum to jam up. If your vacuum jams up you will have to stop it, and fix it by removing the object. This will definitely take away more time from your day. You will also find that you still have to vacuum the steps with your old vacuum cleaner.

So after looking at the pros and cons of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, are they worth the money? It really depends on the type of home you have and what you will be using it for. If the Roomba helps to clean just one or two rooms of the house, that is two less rooms that you have to clean with the traditional vacuum. These little vacuums are definitely time savers no matter how you look it. One thing to remember about the Roomba is that is has to be charged after each use. Most of the new models will go back to the docking station and charge on it’s own after finishing the room. If your Roomba does not do this make sure you put the charge back on when you are finished using it.