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In this big, bad and brutal world, one has to struggle to survive. There are many different kinds of struggles that an individual goes through while trying to earn a better living. The entire population of the earth is nearly 7 billion, yes you read it right. 7 billion people and counting and very few resources to bank upon.

An average human being who works to provide for his family has a job at hand that he has to look after right from morning till night, slogging day in and day out, with pressure from the boss, stress, issues in personal life and last but definitely not the least, health issues.

Office life is generally seen as boring and monotonous by most folks, especially the younger generation, who cannot even toil over the idea of spending so much time in office, with bunches and bunches of files waiting in a pile to be looked into and deciphered.

They are also quite right in a way, as this new century is all about speed, technology, fast-track decisions, mobile phones, social media and its networking sites and so don’t quite relate to a typical or say stereotypical office routine of a 9 to 5 job.

While we are on the subject of office life, the problems that the employees go through while trying to do their jobs in an honest and sincere manner, and on time to cater to the whims and caprices of the bosses have to be seen to be believed.

The day usually begins getting up at 5 in the morning after brushing, bathing and breakfast is done, get in the car and drive all the way to the office and reach just in time and get down to work at 9 sharp.

Not only does this lifestyle become boring over a certain period of time, notwithstanding the fact that they learn to adjust with it, even the income that is generated is meagre and therefore the salary received with the employee is such that it is simply not enough to look after the needs of the family.

To top it all, this routine lifestyle and age also bring with it numerous health issues and have an adverse impact on the health and work as well. While there is little that can be done to adjust the office schedule as per the convenience of the employee, what can be done is to reduce the burden of pressure to some extent.

Usually, employees work and perform their duties in office while sitting, so therefore it is their back that has to be taken care of as that is where the health factor will come into the picture with a routine and stationary style of sitting at the office desk can result in chronic back pain and affect the spinal cord as well.

So to prevent this from happening, in this article we are going to look into the very best floor chairs available in order to change the lives of certain people better both at home and at office, from the office employees to old-age folks at home.

The best tips for purchasing office chairs:

  1. It should be adjustable in nature: While purchasing, make sure that it is adjustable in nature so that the height can be adjusted while sitting to make it comfortable.
  2. Take care of hips: As there is little room for the hip while sitting, the person can come way too forward while sitting and so there will be no room for thighs.
  3. The seat shape should be comfortable: The seat should be at least a few inches wider than the thighs and hips on both sides.