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Are you running out of ideas in what to give to your man/girlfriend? Is the usual flower and chocolates does not thrill them anymore? If yes, then go on and discover new and origineel verjaardagscadeau man/girlfriend that will surely bring back the sparks.

Experience gift

Contrary to popular belief, not all gifts must be material gifts. Memories and experience are great gifts to be given to your significant other, sometimes even being better than material gifts.

There are many types of experience gifts, and here are a few:

Going on international travels

Go on a vacation with them. Nothing is more romantic than spending good time together. Take them to a country or a tourist hotspot that they have never visited before.

For those going on this route, make sure that you prepared everything beforehand. From bookings to your pocket money of local currencies and documents needed for the trip, make sure they are all ready prior to travel, to make sure that technical problems are out of the way while the two of you are out on your vacation. Here are some tips when you are traveling abroad.

Going on an adventure trip

If vacations on beaches and famous places are not enough for your partner, adventure trips are a must. Choices include:

  • Camping in nature

For people who want a little more than beaches, but nothing of the adrenaline rush of the other entries.

  • Learning how to fly aircrafts

From a helicopter to a WWII style biplane, this will surely give your SO a new skill to brag about, and something to be thankful about you.

  • Racing in luxury cars

Is your partner fantasizing of racing behind the wheels of a Ferrari? You can make their dreams come true with this experience gift/

Luxury alcoholic drink

What’s a better origineel verjaardagscadeau man than the drink they love? You can add a little bit of customization by pairing the drink with a personalized wine glass. Who knows, your gift might turn into a romantic date.

Even though alcoholic beverages may seem like a perfect gift, make sure that the type of alcohol you are gifting away is appropriate for the receiver. For example, if the man or woman you are giving a gift is your boss, you do not want to gift him something low-priced or off-brand.

Personalized items based on their interest

Perhaps the most original birthday gift for man, there is nothing that can top off a personalized item that is in line with your partner’s interest or hobbies. Are they passionate about traveling? Then go for personalized travel bags like those listed on this website. Practical gifts that have useful applications is really good nowadays, especially for a gift that they will take with them wherever they go.

Are they taking up writing as a hobby? Gift them a personalized notebook. Pair it with a personalized pen or pencil. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizable items.