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Skinny jeans for men is nothing new, in the 1950’s young men were sporting slim fitting and tapered leg jeans. Any young man looking to be cool like their favorite movie star James Dean or singing sensation Elvis Presley were wearing them. The trend continued through the 60’s and 70’s. By the 80’s we saw rock stars and punk rockers on MTV and VH1 wearing them. In the 90’s and early 2000’s skinny jeans became more visible within the punk rock and goth crowds on television and the streets of every city. While the majority of men had moved onto wearing the long lived baggy jeans made popular by rappers and hip hop icons on television. Now, it seems that skinny jeans for men are back in full force or at least making an attempt at it .

Levi Strauss is advertising skinny and super skinny jeans on their website. What is the difference? not much really. Skinny jeans are straight leg tapered jeans that fit closer to the body and become narrower down the leg to the ankle more so than than slim fit or regular fit jeans. Super skinny jeans are tighter jeans that grows even more narrow from leg to ankle and are more likened to tight stretch jean that young girls wear.

I am guessing the reason skinny jeans didn’t really become the staple of every young mans wardrobe is due to the fit and comfort factor. They found out what most young women already knew; they have to be tugged and pulled on and have to be tugged and pulled at to be kept in place and movement is limited. Although, Levi on their site are offering stretch finishes for a more comfortable fit. There are other companies producing and selling skinny jeans for men, Levi just seems to be the most prominent when searching the web using “skinny jeans for men”.

Why males should never wear skinny jeans: Males typically have either chicken legs or muscular legs and not all men are blessed with a butt. Those with no butt or flat butt syndrome are only emphasizing the problem areas. Not to mention the extra baggage around the mid section that can topple over the waistband and make you look like a sausage being squeezed and that is sooo not attractive and what about plumbers butt? Do we really want to see more of that? I don’t think so. I am not picking on men only here, females also fall into these categories.

It seems as if the fashion pendulum swings from one extreme to another. We went from baggy below your butt jeans to the revival of flare legs and now we are back to second skin tight fitting jeans. Me personally, I will be sticking with my regular fitting jeans or relaxed fit if I’m feeling bloated (belly rubbing, pants tugging man posturing). What it all boils down to is personal fashion choice and fashion tolerance from those who shake their heads at the latest trends. Whatever style of jean you choose to wear, please wear them responsibly. Choosing jeans is like choosing a wallet. Surely, there are several types and designs available such as travel wallet, coin wallet, minimalist wallet and so many more. But the bottomline is, you have to choose wisely and make sure that you will be comfortable using or wearing ‘em.