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I was a highlighted blond for many years. When I decided to try something drastic and go from light blond hair to black, I wasn’t sure which product I would try since, in the past, going darker was never successful. In a matter of a few short days, my color always rinsed right out. Granted, I have hard water at home which does not help maintain a vibrant hair color, but no color seemed to stick, even for a short time. I was left with a faded, pathetic version of what I had intended.

I have fine hair. My hair does not take well to constant chemical processes. Of course constant chemical processes are not good for anyone’s hair. Once every month and a half is really all my hair can take, and then it also requires serious conditioning. Wanting to be adventurous this time, I wanted a hair color that would stick. So as I gazed at the multiple hair color products on the shelves at Walmart, the red Fat Foam boxes on display caught my eye. I purchased the mid-priced product and took it home to go from blond bombshell to brunette femme fatale (hopefully).

The best thing about Fat Foam is that it is virtually fume-less. No burning of my eyes or nose or gasping for fresh air from fumes. It’s easy to mix. Just be sure to take the time to shake it very well to ensure the product mixes well. When opening the top, the color kind of balloons out and can potentially run down the side of the mixing cup. If you’re using a dark color like I was, take precautions for that kind of spill. I temporarily stained my bathroom sink. It is really important to be careful when applying it ┬ábecause if applied incorrectly, you might need a full body laser hair removal.

Applying the Fat Foam with the gloves on is simple but can be messy if you try to apply too much foam too fast. Take your time; part smaller sections with your fingers and then apply foam in easy-to-handle amounts or you’ll have Fat Foam on your counter, on your floor, the back of your pants, or anywhere else you don’t want it to be. It’s easy to want to grab globs of this stuff, mostly because it’s fun, and just slather it on. I know this because I tried this method. Although it was a little messy for me and the large globs I attempted, having some patience (and sense) to apply it in smaller amounts will establish a cleaner application process. Fat Foam did not stain my skin.

Fat Foam did leave my hair dry directly after coloring. I’m always sure to condition my hair well immediately after coloring and regularly thereafter. With common sense, you’ll know if your hair is in decent shape to be coloring it or not. If you’re not sure, ask a professional. If your hair is already very dry or damaged, you obviously shouldn’t be chemically processing it at all until your hair has been returned to good health.

Fat Foam did not fade in the first week like other hair color products have for me in the past. It’s been a little over a month and I can see I could use a root touch-up soon. There has been very little fade, and for me that’s a big deal. I would recommend this product based on its simplicity in mixing and application, its low-fume mixture, and its ability to adhere to hair that does not hold color well. So am I a brunette femme fatale? Well, that is entirely subjective. But I definitely recommend this product.