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To mankind, hair is the crowning glory. For our feline friends, it is as well. As far as aesthetic is concern, fur brings beauty to every cat. It is what makes them look cute and adorable. It is one of our favorite things to touch, yet also the very thing we hate to see on our couch and anywhere else in our home. We don’t want them lying around, clinging and buried in the depths of our sofa, furniture or even on the carpet. Removing them is on the top of our list. Get rid of them right away and fast!

Here are some simple and economical ways on how to remove cat hair as effective as having laser hair removal in Middletown, NJ.:

Good housekeeping

First of all, a good housekeeping can solve the problem. Make cleaning your house as routine as washing your hands, this way you can maintain a sparkling and cat hair free home giving you more time with family, friends and even your pet.

Brush time

Brushing your kitty cat on a regular basis doesn’t only make its fur shiny but it also promotes bonding between you and your cat. Most cats enjoy the attention of being brushed as long as you provide gentle pressure and please do choose the right kind of brush because there is a specific one for every cat hair types. A rubber brush works well on removing loose fur, it does a good job of balling it up so it can be picked easily from furniture and even from your clothes.

Tape it off

One of the cheapest modes of removing cat hair is the masking tape method. It works the same way as the lint roller. Just simply buy a roll of masking tape and tap it to your clothing or furniture. The stray hair will then stick to the tape. It’s a quick and easy way to remove cat hair from any fabric surface, and it’s a fantastic substitute when you can’t find or don’t have an actual brush or roller to do the job.

Lint rollers

These can be purchased in any pet shop. It works just the same as the masking tape method however they do scatter a bit of hair around and they aren’t that efficient price wise because you’re always replacing them, especially if you have longer haired pets.

The magic of a damp sponge

There is nothing more economical than using your own hands in the battle to remove cat hair. Just lightly dampen your palms with water and with a downward stroke, the hair should stick to your hands and ball up for easy picking. Another way is to mist the surface with a mixture of water and fabric softener as a preparation before using any of the other methods. Using a sponge rub it in a downward motion over your chairs, cushions and furniture. It is then accumulated into the sponge that you can easily pick it by hand.