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Pupperoni Dog Snacks are these long skinny dog treats. They look sort of like slim-jims and smell a lot like pepperoni, as you would have guessed.

Finding a treat for my pets is no small task. We feed our dogs human food just like we eat. We don’t like the preparation methods for a lot of dog foods, so we decided to keep their mandatory dry dog food eating to a minimum. Plus we wanted them to have a healthy, well rounded balanced diet of food. When I cook for them they usually get eggs; leftover meat scraps and beef bones (minus all fat); a little rice or bread; and a lot of vegetables. They eat pretty well for dogs.

Now of course, being used to eating human food since they were babies, they eat the dog food we leave out in their bowl for snacks and only sometimes. So, they turn their noses up to most doggy treats because it doesn’t smell like the food they’re used to.

But, even dogs as finicky as ours do enjoy Pupperoni’s and have since they were little puppies. It is surprising to see them act this way for something that is dog food. They treat them like they just got a real Slim Jim or strip of pepperoni. They love all the varieties and go crazy when they see the bag. This is very rewarding for us as pet owners to have something that makes our pets so happy. Though this is traditional dog food, probably prepared by traditional methods; we still feel it is okay for them from time to time. They don’t get treats every day; but they get them like 3 days a week. Moreover, it is unavoidable that when your dog is eating he might put some dirt on his bed. Thus, to make your life easier, it is advisable to buy washable dog bed for large dogs.

If you are training your dog, I feel that Pupperoni’s would be an excellent training treat to use. Since most dogs just eat dog food, I cannot imagine how much they would like Pupperoni’s. Our dogs do tricks and play games for them and we haven’t really trained them to do so. It seems like maybe the Pupperoni flavor is really close to that of the human food they are used to eating.

As far as standard dog food goes, we try to feed our dogs Beneful whenever possible. We always leave a standard dog food out in the bowl so that they can have something crunchy when they want it (in addition to t-bones) and so that they have control of if they want a snack or not. They usually eat the crunchy food like once a day; and eat 3 human food meals proportionate to their size everyday.

When looking for a healthy dog food, the healthiest looking one we could find at the grocery store was Beneful. Then to top it off, we took it home and the dogs love it. They don’t love it as much as their regular food, but they definitely love it way more than any other dry food we’ve ever bought for them.