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Your closest relationships will bloom as 2010 begins through a more versatile approach.

You’re sensitive to other people’s needs and you really won’t mind if you’re asked to do someone a favour or take on more responsibilities to help them out. If you normally work as part of a team, in February you are more in the mood to get on quietly, on your own. Fortunately, those around you seem to have their own plans too. So you’ll be left more or less to your own devices, as you desire.

In March, be on your guard for a friend or someone you work with who has a hidden side to his or her nature as it looks as if they are being slightly devious where financial or legal matters are concerned.

A social invitation in April may have to be turned down when you lack the cash to join in with this event. Take heart in the fact that you can get all the enjoyment you want through spending time with someone you love. And this won’t cost you a penny! Your evenings, too, bring most happiness through quiet pastimes. A visit can be made at the abraj alyawm to gather important information about the horoscope. All the relationships of the Pisces will be defined to the person at the site. 

Relationships and Pisces, May to July 2010

As May begins, you aren’t in the mood for too many demands and responsibilities. Even so, this does not mean that you won’t appreciate a bit of good company. You want to relax and you will be happy to do this in the company of some like-minded friends.

Romance, too, flourishes within group situations. And this suggests that if you are single, you will be meeting someone new. While if you’re already attached, shared interests and social connections will bring a deepening sense of togetherness.

You are likely to be spending the very start of June within familiar surroundings. At the same time, you may feel a strong need for something new. Old habits are starting to get you down, and as the month comes to an end, you can’t help considering new beginnings. Your ideas will inspire others and if you’re single a new relationship will add excitement to your life.

Money is improving but you are saving for something in the future and that means you have less to spend on social affairs in July. Also this month, someone has some way-out ideas and you may feel better if you didn’t get involved.

Pisces: Friendships and Romance August to October 2010

For some Pisceans, an old friend may try to interfere with a new romance in August, but they could know something that you don’t. At least be willing to hear them out.

As a Pisces, you like to share your ideas and listen to other people when they tell you about their experiences. Such discussions give you plenty of food for thought during August and September.

If you’re married, a visit from your in-laws as September begins could lead to you making some spontaneous but exciting plans for the future.

Your social life will be active in October but you must be discriminating in order to keep expenditures to the minimum. There are some interesting and exciting things going on in your life now.

Relationship Forecasts for Pisces at the End of 2010

Try as you might, you just can’t find any enthusiasm for plans already made at the start of November. This means you could be pulling out of such arrangements in which case be sure not to let anyone persuade you out of changing your mind again. Pisces, all in all, the more peaceful and undemanding your days towards the end of the year, the happier you will be and the better this will be for your health

Pisces is a creative sign and you should not keep ideas to bring improvements into your world, to yourself in December. You may be expecting objections to come your way, but you will never know what these might be until others get to hear what you have to say. In fact, the opposition you expected may not even materialise and you could be starting on some exciting new joint projects at the very end of the year.