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I am a 54-year-old woman and didn’t like the lines around my mouth. The crow’s feet bugged me too. I was thinking about this seriously because I had a gift certificate, and was also curious to a degree. I am fair-skinned, freckles and strawberry blonde hair. I did some online research, and wanted to check this doctor out to make sure he was “Board Certified”. He was. This is very important to check into this. I set out to find the Botox deals in New Jersey and adjacent areas so that I could get my treatment done at the best rates.

Why would I do such a thing, and inject something into my face? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like the lines on my face. Grow old gracefully? I want to look young for as long as a can. It’s a personal decision for each and every one of us. The doctor’s assistant talked with me for a long while. She answered my questions and told me exactly what was in store. She first had me wash my face to take the moisturizer off that I had applied that morning. I laid down on the table, and she took a good look at my face and gave me her opinion on where to inject the Botox.

Therapist giving a hot stone massage to client

Would it hurt? No, it will feel like a pinch. The needle that the Botox goes through is extremely tiny and thin. She suggested my brow area, the deeper lines around my eyes, and very little around my mouth. They don’t like to inject too much near the mouth area, because it may look unnatural. She did say that the doctor would inject a small amount under my lower lip on the sides. I was nervous but excited. She also explained to me that microdermabrasion would also work very well in the mouth area to smooth out the lines. I could schedule another appointment if I wanted to.

The doctor came in and inspected my face thoroughly. He likes to start slow, and inject small amounts in the areas I described above; rather than overdoing it the first time. Botox takes a good 5 days to reveal itself, and I patiently waited day by day. I am pleased with the results, and definitely do have a well-rested look. The needle in one word feels like a pinch. It doesn’t “hurt”, it is definitely bearable with a slight pinching feeling. I will definitely do this again. Side effects for me were a tight feeling in my face where the needles were injected. Twenty-four hours later I do not feel the tightness any longer.

For me, this has been an exciting experience! Other people would say “forget it”. I can definitely respect that decision too. Again, if it makes me feel better about myself it was worth it. Do your research, read carefully the pros and cons. Google “Botox” and you can educate yourself before making your decision. Good Luck!