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As a thirty one year old single mother of two, I understand the advantages of an anti-aging makeup that is easy to apply and hides the imperfections that I don’t want the world to see, such as the undereye circles from a late night up with a sick child. I was excited to try Maybelline’s Eraser Treatment Makeup, which is a member of their Instant Age Rewind family. I tried it, and I have to say I was shocked with the results.

The Claim

According to Maybelline’s website, this product has an antimicrobial applicator that one only has to wipe with a dry tissue to keep it clean. Maybelline also lists reasons to love the product. On the list is clinically proven effectiveness, a Sun Protection Factor of 18, and seven years of research with five patents, among other things. The product comes in twelve shades.

The packaging.

This product comes in a bottle with the applicator permanently fixed to the opening. To make the makeup come through the sponge, the user simply twists the black dial around the neck of the vial. The makeup appears on the applicator and then can just be rubbed on the face. This way, imperfections are said to be “erased”. The packaging is simple and the attached sponge makes the product unique and eye catching. Give Maybelline an A for ingenuity on the appearance of the product.

On the Skin

This product is not smooth but oily. It left my skin feeling greasy. I usually put powder on not long after foundation to help the foundation set and hold. After all, that is how most of us learn to do it. This product ruined my pressed powder. I waited fifteen minutes after putting on the foundation to apply the powder. It still transferred oil directly into my powder. I actually had to throw the powder out after the first time I used the foundation.

The oil issues did not stop there. I live in a hot climate. I found that the sun, combined with the body’s natural inclination to sweat in hot weather, made the makeup melt. It got into my eyes and irritated them. Some eye drops eventually brought relief, but eye drops should not be a part of a beauty regimen.

While the product did cover, it did not cover as well as expected. Old scars, laugh lines, and skin discolorations somehow made their way through and were visible. Even worse was the product’s ability to cause breakouts. I started seeing angry red bumps on the first use, and during my week trial period, had to resort to treating the buildup and breakouts at least three times a day just to keep them under control. Once I stopped using the foundation, the acne stopped being an issue.

Final Thoughts

I find it interesting that there was only one customer review for this product on the Maybelline’s website, and it was positive. That is not to say that they may not have some satisfied customers, but it would be nice to hear what the unsatisfied ones had to say as well. More customers need to tell cosmetic companies what they think, so that companies can fix the issues that may come up for more than one customer.

As for the product itself, I had high hopes for it, but in the end, it fell far short of expectation. The idea is innovative, but the formula is all wrong. A person with delicate or acne prone skin should stay far away from this product. Its not worth looking younger, if your aging imperfections are replaced with the breakouts that you left back in high school. Better luck next time, Maybelline. I just wasn’t impressed.

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