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Lots of people those who are a beginner in the game should firstly know about the champions. It is essential to know about the champions because winning of the game completely depends on it. Choosing the right champions will let you win the game at ease. Fast elo boosting service can also be useful for the beginners. You can easily get to beat your enemies with no extra efforts. There are a total of 148 champions in the game, but reviewing all those can be difficult for you, so we are going to know about the top 3. You should only know about the champions those who are stronger in terms of power because it will be the best for the beginners. 

Here are the top 3 powerful champions of all time-

  1. Darius- It is one of the most chosen champions by the players. It has the ability to cause a natural damage to the enemy. You should choose it if you want to give more and more damage to the enemy and his team. 
  2. <犀利士
    li>Lee sin This champion cannot see that means he is blind. The enemy sometimes gets fooled because of the disability of this champion. It sends a sonic wave that is unseen and causes lots of damage to the enemy and his team. You can do some training with the champions and will get to know about it.

  3.  KassadinHe is one of the best champions is escaping. You cannot escape him, but he can escape from anyone. You cannot ignore him or run away from him as this champion is capable of putting you in the ground.Thus, these are the top-notch three champions that you can go for if you are a beginner. Your gameplay can become better with the help of these champions.