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What exactly is astrology? In some ways, it is a “weather report” for your life.

In basic astrology, the planets, astrological signs, their locations and interactions (also called aspects) contribute to the “climate” of a person, a time or even a place. There is Mindfulness and justice that will provide you the best of Astrology and Horoscopes with their in house astrologers and horoscope specialists.

Signs, Elements and Qualities

Each sign has a predictable personality and mode of behavior, possessing dualities expressed by choice.

Each sign is either fiery and passionate (or rash), airy and intellectual (or flighty), earthy and practical (or stuffy) or watery and intuitive (or maudlin).

Each sign is either cardinal and pioneering (or pushy), fixed and solid (or stubborn) or movable and flexible (or flaky).

Each sign is either male or female.

The Planets

The earth and the other planets in our solar system are all revolving on a predictable path. Each planet (including the sun and the moon, for simplification) has a predictable personality, as do the signs.

Sun: individuality, personality.

Moon: emotions, inner desires.

Mercury: communications, intellect.

Venus: indulgences, romantic desires.

Mars: physicality, aggression.

Jupiter: generosity, expansion.

Saturn: discipline, limitations.

Uranus: originality, disruption.

Neptune: creativity, confusion.

Pluto: cooperation, transformation.

The Houses

Each chart has houses, or chart locations. Each has a predictable personality and can strongly influence the energy of the planets inside, or the sign on its cusp or boundary line. Each house relates to a sign and planet, which contributes to its expression:

  1. Aries/Mars: personality, direct influence, physical body.
  2. Taurus/Venus: possessions, money, marketable talents.
  3. Gemini/Mercury: mentality, siblings, technology.
  4. Cancer/Moon: family, home, nurturing.
  5. Leo/Sun: romance, luck, children.
  6. Virgo/Mercury: efficiency, employment, health.
  7. Libra/Venus: marriage, collaborations, adversaries.
  8. Scorpio/Pluto: joint assets, credit, resources.
  9. Sagittarius/Jupiter: religion, distant matters, mass media.
  10. Capricorn/Saturn: politics, ambitions, parents.
  11. Aquarius/Uranus: innovations, friends, groups.
  12. Pisces/Neptune: imagination, E.S.P., confinement.

Aries is a male cardinal fire sign, passionate and aggressive. Aries women can be very independent and proactive, even masculine in nature. But with the moon in Pisces, a female, movable water sign, she would be quieter, more unassuming, relying more on intuition than force to reach goals.

Scorpio, a female fixed water sign, is deeply emotional, self-protective and intractable. But add an airy, male and versatile movable Gemini moon and secretive Scorpio would chatter irreverently (like Roseanne Barr, born with that combination).

A sun in Capricorn would be ambitious and practical — a C.E.O. or politician. But place that sun in the ninth house of philosophy and long-range goals at birth, and you might prefer to teach or preach.

It is useful to know the charts of those you deal with. To win over Leo takes compliments, while compassion will touch Pisces’ heart and Aquarius requires kindness and friendship.

If you explore astrology even on the surface, you’ll likely see that there is no downside to peeking at this type of “weather report.”

Even if it doesn’t rain, it’s always good to have an umbrella.