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Footwear is a stylish accessory and an important part of your outfit, which improves the overall dynamics of your look. But what if it’s uncomfortable and you are unable to wear your favourite sneakers or heels due to certain issues like plantar fasciitis. Yes, this is a common issue that can lead to cramps and endless pain in your feet. To know more about the redressal of this issue, keep reading ahead.


The tissue which connects the ball of the foot to the heel bone suffers excessive stress and exasperation. Due to this, the plantar fascia gets swollen, and every step that one takes becomes extremely painful. This causes the tightening of muscles, tearing, and inflammation takes place that causes plantar fasciitis.


There are various reasons for plantar fasciitis that might cause unbearable pain in the heel. Due to plantar fasciitis, your feet get stiffed, and you experience immense pain in the middle and the front of the foot. You can also experience a burning sensation which is common in the morning. After sitting or walking for a long time, your feet start paining endlessly. Other symptoms include the swelling of the foot.


There are multiple reasons for the development of plantar fasciitis, the reason and the risk are mentioned below.

  1. Age: It occurs mostly to an individual within the age range of 40-70. If you have a job that requires you to be on your foot for a long time, or you have more of moving job, then you might develop plantar fasciitis due to immense pressure on your feet.
  2. Mechanics of foot: If your walk is unusual or you have an abnormal foot or an unusually high arch on the feet, then also you are likely to develop plantar fasciitis.
  3. Poor shoes: Getting the right shoes for you is important. If you wear shoes that don’t fit you well or don’t offer much support, then you might develop plantar fasciitis.
  4. Tightness: The tightness of the calf muscles or the tendons also causes plantar fasciitis.
  5. Obesity: An excessive gain of weight puts pressure on the body and the foot as well. This puts extra pressure to the plantar fascia then the normal pressure it can handle leading to plantar fasciitis.
  6. Stress activity: Sudden increase in the physical activity of an individual increases stress on the plantar fascia and thus causes pain and exasperation.
  7. Diseases: Arthritis has also been found to be a major reason for plantar fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is common nowadays, from young people to the old ones, everyone suffers from it. Many people complain about the pain in the heel of the foot but don’t strive to tackle this problem. Some even suffer from unbearable pain in the footballs but don’t seek the treatment for it on time. With the increase in problems, it becomes difficult to deal with it. The insoles have proved to be the best solution for this, but only a few people know about its advantages.

Different shapes and sizes of insoles are available to treat the different problems that one suffers from. If you are experiencing pain in the heels, then you need an insole with good arch support. This reduces the pain in the plantar fascia and helps you in walking properly.

Insoles with deep heel provide a cushioning effect for the feet. This absorbs the shock and reduces the effect and pressure of the same on the heel. Insoles are important nowadays since many people face immense pain and cramps in their feet and the insoles offer the perfect solution to it. They are available in the market in the standard form and also can be customised depending on the need of the customer. The standard ones are cheap while the customised ones are a bit expensive as compared to the standard ones.

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