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When writing a blog, it’s not just about speaking your mind or voicing out opinions. It’s practically more than just giving the world your once cents but having a specific niche to grow a steady following. Your content should always be aligned to your chosen niche and must have a specific purpose.

Tips on How to Write an Effective Insurance Agency Blog

Are you trying to inform or educate people? Are your content designed to entertain and generate leads? An insurance blog helps you establish your brand reputation online or a marketing strategy so people would look up to you as an influencer in the industry.

Know and Understand Your Audience

In order to write a purposive and well-targeted content, you have to know exactly who your target audience is. So, if you are selling health insurance then you have a general audience or perhaps those who are in the middle age or older. For car insurance, your target market would be from middle to higher income professionals. A lot of writers miss the right spots because they just focus on the subject matter and not on what their audience would want to know. So, the first thing you should do is to define your target audience and know their pain points so you can provide specialty solutions to address their needs in the right context.

Provide Value

Your purpose for blogging is to establish your brand as an authority or an expert and the best way to execute that is to provide real value to your audience. There are different writing strategies or content for varied audiences so you have to focus first on your local audience and then build your following online to reach a wider market.

Delivery of Content Matters

There is a specific audience that loves video content rather than consuming purely text content. A lot of millenials or the younger breed of technologically savvy audience have very short attention span and would want to consume content in the form of videos. There are those who would want the classic approach

Get Personal

Your audience or readers would want an easy-to-digest and engaging content so you should avoid getting too technical and using jargons that only a few would understand. You have to speak in a conversational tone which is more personal and relatable.

Treat your blog like you would with an ebook. You have to get connected with your audience on a much deeper or personal sense on how insurance can help them avoid financial catastrophies and prepare for medical emergency scenarios. In this way, you are like unfolding chapters of a great story that resonates with your audience rather than hearing boring lectures in your blog.

Repurpose Content

The beauty with insurance blogs is that you have ready content that you can repurpose on varied social media channels as tweets or social media posts that provide you link juice as well as build brand awareness online. This helps you promote your business while also increase social impact and relevance of getting an insurance.

End it with a Call-to-Action or CTA

If you are blogging to generate traffic or create conversions then a CTA is a must. You can offer them a free ebook or a guide to download to give them more information regarding insurance types or one that would match their needs and budget.

When you write blogs, it’s important that you don’t overwhelm your audience. Get rid of fluff and provide pure value to your readers. Insurance may seem a boring topic but the challenge is how you can inject interest and capture your audience with the benefits insurance can bring to their lives. It’s about providing your audience the key information on the practical and long-term advantages of being protected by an insurance coverage for you and your family.

The key to blogging about insurance is to keep a consistent pace and keep it always as a personal conversation between you and your readers. This has a real compounding effect that will build your business from the ground up. Success in the insurance business is all about caring more than about the profit you make but the impact you make to your target market.