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Four-In-A-Row or connect four online game is a really fun game which you can play with your children or any other adult as well. It is an interesting game and probably most of us have grown up playing it at some point of our lives. With time, more people have started to play it and it’s huge popularity have allowed developers to launch connect 4 game online as well. Today we are going to show you how to play the game if you haven’t played it before. Make sure to follow our instruction and play this amazing game with fun.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Play Connect 4

Connect 4 game is a very popular and handy game that is very easy to setup and play. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to play the Connect 4 game with your friends or kids – 

  • First, you will need to setup the board by attaching the available grid to the very base or slide the supports to the sides of the grid. Now, you will have to place the grid between the two persons playing.
  • After the grid has been set, slide the lever to the bottom of the grid and make sure the grid is fixed at a locked position.
  • Now, divide the checkers in an even manner between the two people playing. Usually the most general colours are red and black but many manufacturers use different other colours as well.
  • Do a simple coin toss and choose which player is going to go first. However, it is a common thing to let the younger player start the game especially when you are playing with your kids or other children.

After the first player has inserted the checker into the grid, only then the second player will be able to make their move with their own colour.

  • Now the turn will continue to alternate between the first and second players till any of them is able to get four checkers which are of the same colour lined up in a straight row or the board gets filled with the winning moves.

So, these are the rules and instructions you will need to follow when you are playing the Connect 4 Game. Make sure to check the instructions and enjoy a great time playing this very fun game.

Is it fun to play the Connect 4 Game?

Yes. If you ask us, then we will surely say yes. The Connect 4 game is a great play for two people and when you have your kids around. It is not only a fun and exciting game to play but it requires you to think a lot and spend your intelligence to win. Very often children are given this particular game to play because it allows them to use their skill and clever ideas to win. You will need to perform better than the other player and give your moves in such a manner that you win the game without any hassles.

If you do not have a Connect 4 Game board, then you can download the game in your smartphone and play it as well. The same fun and joy is guaranteed whether you play online or offline.