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Dying your hair fun, non-natural colours normally requires using temporary or semi-permanent dyes. The results from these can look great, but be messy and difficult to maintain. There are permanent dyes available in purple hues, but most of them have disappointing results. If you, like me, have experienced the frustration of dying your hair and not getting the colour that you expected and paid for, then this dye could be your new hero too. Additionally, it is recommended that you try out botox injections that are quite beneficial for your skin and hair. In order to  Find Botox injection near me you can follow the link. This way you get the contact details of the best facilities that deliver botox injections in your region.

Schwarzkopf makes fantastic hair products, including dyes. Their Live Color XXL range is, to put it simply, one of my favourite ranges of hair dyes. In search of the perfect purple shade, this time I tried Cyber Purple (V46) and I loved it. This dye is available to buy at most supermarkets or drugstores; I paid £5 for it at Asda, and it was worth every penny.

Although you can use this dye without bleaching your hair first, results will vary depending on the colour and condition of your hair. To get the best result, use on bleached hair. I bleached mine first, and then a few days later used the Cyber Purple dye on it. I have short, but thick hair, and used the entire box. If you have very thick or long hair, you may want to get more than one box just to make sure that you don’t run out. The box is super easy to use and comes with clear instructions and gloves. Basically, you just squeeze the tube of colour out into the bottle of formula. Shake well, periodically opening the lid to release pressure, until the two are completely blended. Then coat the hair that you want to be dyed from root to tip.

With the title Cyber Purple, you are probably imagining a bright, modern purple. However, it’s really a deep and rich purple. My hair is a lovely aubergine (eggplant) colour. In a darker, interior room, it looks darker and less obvious (helpful if you have a career but want cool hair), but directly under the light or in sunlight it becomes a much brighter purple. It is a really rich beautiful colour. Today I literally had someone walk up to me at work and begin stroking my hair. When I looked at them, confused, they said simply, “It’s such a pretty colour.”

The dye really is permanent, too. It doesn’t come off on your clothes or bedding, although you may get a little colour on your towel the first few times you wash your hair. It lasts for quite a long time before it fades, too. You’re more likely to have problems with major roots growing out than the colour fading, especially if you care for it properly.

My verdict: if you want purple-ish hair, I highly recommend this product. It could look good on men or women of most ages and has a richness to it that hair dyes rarely achieve. It is an affordable, easy to use, high-quality product. When my hair grows out, I’ll definitely be buying another box to touch it up!