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Funny how we always hear how men think that woman are so hard to read. While this may be true in a lot of instances, I wanted to make things a little easier for you guys who seem to be clueless.

“Gosh, what would make her smile today”? Is this a question that is weighing heavy? Come on guys we know that you wonder what you can do to make that special lady smile. beautiful smiles are irresistable. Especially those that belong on the face of your lady. Right?

Here is a little secret:

When a woman constantly sends sweet gestures your way, this is a sure sign that she would love for you to return the gesture. This doesn’t necessarily mean be a kopy kat about it. You know that old saying “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. If she flirts, flirt back. Simple huh?

If your sweetheart is having a bad day, don’t feel that you have to come up with a remedy. I have always found this to be a sweet quality of a man. When he loves a woman, he always wants to fix it all to make her life easier.

Know this:

Gentlemen, it is sweet to be that way and have the desire to fix it all. Sometimes it’s fixable, but mostly we want you to listen to us and understand where we are coming from. if you must have a remedy, a nice back rub or simple acknowledgement of understanding does wonders.

Another thing:

Women lie. (Ah the statement of the day). Just trying to be honest. You ask “what’s wrong”. If we say “nothing”, we are lieing. Usually we say nothing because we assume you won’t understand or we think that you may fume and start a fight when you can fix the problem. So dealing with woman must always be like playing online games where you need to check on some reliable websites like Fornite Battle Royale tracker.

See where I am heading?

All along all we need is a shoulder to cry on with an understanding heart. Again, woman love that you want to fix things, but sometimes that isn’t necessary.

Communication is vital because when two hearts are in love, we always need to know how the other person feels. While we would love to think they are always happy, that may not always be the case. Being in love with someone doesn’t make us a mind reader.

Your lady needs to know if there is something heavy weighing on your heart. Don’t make her assume that everything is ok. Don’t make her assume that you love her either. A woman needs constant reminders that she is number one in your heart.

Contrary to men, women are emotional creatures. We feed on emotional things. We need to feel cherished. We also love to cherish. Sometimes a nice warm hug can solve many problems. Even a simple gesture, like a note of reassurance or a simple “I love you”, will do so much. Let that be your “remedy”.