Jane Castro is a journalist and media enthusiast. She graduated from the University of Bacolod in the Philippines. She loves skating, scuba diving, and archery on her free time.

With the availability of social media, emails and texts, birthday invitations and birthday wishes can now travel around the world in a matter of seconds. Just a few years ago, we didn’t have that convenience.

Not long ago, when a birthday was to be celebrated as a family and friends gathering, invitations were sent by mail ahead of time. That meant a theme had to be picked out beforehand and the invitations purchased had to match the theme. Usually, a visit to the party store was made ahead of time to pick a theme that included just the right invitation. Oh My! Then, the tedious task of filling each invitation with the event details, including: writing each correct address on the envelopes, purchasing stamps and then mailing them, followed. That, in itself sounds exhausting. This may still be the case in certain circumstances, but with the availability of social media websites, like Facebook, many are using it to create the event and with a click of a button, the invitation goes out to friends and family.

The event created can be as creative as the person wants it to be. It will include the usual: date, time, address, information about the event and R.S.V.P. Additionally, the internet event includes a comments section that provides real time interaction with all participants. The event creator can add pictures that go along with the theme. The pictures can be easily uploaded to the page, from an array of sources: like personal photos, public pictures available on the internet or creative applications that enable the imagination to create unique artwork that is filled with personalized words and designs. The greatest advantage is that the event planner doesn’t have to go out of the house to get things done. They just need to spend a few minutes on the internet versus hours driving around town while searching for stores that may or may not have what they are looking for. For making a birthday hit, you can buy instant likes on the stories. An invitation of the event can be uploaded on the story of the social media account.

What a great convenience. The internet has revolutionized the way people can use its applications to interact with each other. Even if the birthday won’t be celebrated, the social media provides calendars that remind each of us of pending birthdays of our loved ones and friends. How cool is that? If a person has an account in a social media website, he/she can wake up, open their account, and messages wishing a Happy Birthday may already be waiting to be read. Imagine, just a few years ago, if the phone didn’t ring or if the mailman didn’t bring a birthday card, then there were no birthday wishes, but not anymore.

Emails, texts and posts are so convenient, that birthdays are now an internet event. Everyone in the world can join in and wish each other a happy birthday. It takes a friendly reminder, a couple of words and the click of a button to let someone know, “I remembered you, on your special day”.