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We all love receiving gifts. While you’re tearing into the wrapping paper this holiday season, will the feline companion in your life be watching on with jealousy? Not if you remember him during the holiday shopping! Here are some great gift suggestions to pamper your kitty..


Aim for something that will both entertain and encourage exercise. If your cat loves to chase and capture, consider a new tossable toy. A ball with a bell inside, a cloth mouse, or other drool-resistant toy makes for hours of good fun and healthy exercise. If your cat mostly plays indoors, look for a softer projectile that won’t fly too far, or do damage if it hits walls or furniture. Pick up a bag of catnip too, and sprinkle or rub it onto toys to make them more interesting to your cat.

Safety Items.

Does your cat wear an identification tag? ID tags are an important safety back-up plan even for indoor pets, and an absolute must for outside ones. Your treasured kitty can’t talk, and an ID tag will speak for your cat if he or she wanders too far from home. Pet ID tags come in reflective and matte styles, and in a variety of cute shapes and designs. Make sure the engraved information includes your vet’s phone number, so that your cat will have a safe place to be returned to even if you’re not available.

Feline Fashion.

Dress up your pet! A wide array of cat clothing is available for both fun and function. Everything from sweaters to rain-wear to costumes. Get your cat an outfit to match your own, or dress him up in his own unique style. This niche market has captured the attention of home-sewers, and there is now an impressive assortment of cat fashion online at shopping sites such as eBay.

A Day at the Spa.

Spa vacation for cats? Yes, there is such a thing! Check with your vet for a referral to a facility specializing in feline comforts. Everything from a traditional washing and grooming, to exotic wraps and pedicures, is available for your special pet. Some spas even offer a package deal for you and your pet to both spend the day being pampered.

An Annual Checkup at the Veterinarian’s Office

Okay, this is the human equivalent of getting socks for Christmas. But practical gifts are good gifts too! If you want a long, healthy lifetime with your pet, you need to provide regular checkups and vaccinations. Extras, such as anti-flea products like Frontline can make your pet more comfortable, and prevent future problems.

Give it a Rest.

Don’t you love the feeling of sliding into a clean fresh bed? Mmm, so comfy! Your cat will love a clean space of his or her own to curl up in. Look for a durable and washable kitty-bed, and make sure you put it in a draft-free spot. Maybe you’ll even get your own bed back to yourself!


Holidays are baking days. You know how much humans enjoy goodies this time of year. (Okay, all the times of the year!) Buy or bake something something special for your cat to enjoy too. Your local pet store should have a variety of treats, or you can experiment with making your own at home. Look for one of the ebooks available online for recipes. Most use common ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, and they’re easier and less expensive to make than you might think. About they’re fun to make! A woman should wear watch as wearing this will enhance their personality because women watch helps them to slay the whole look.

These ideas should get you started having some fun shopping and creating for your cat this holiday season. Make a special effort today for the special feline friend that gives so much to your life the whole year through.