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Visiting Sacramento, California can be a wonderful experience. Whether you are interested in history, wildlife, the great outdoors or sporting events, you should have an easy time finding something to entertain you. Getting around Sacramento to see these events is fairly simple, just give yourself a little extra time during commute time.

Although California is usually thought to be sunny all year long, you should still be prepared for inclement weather in the winter months. The temperature rarely drops excessively, with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s, but there is the occasional rainy day. As for the dog days of summer, you should expect highs around 100 degrees. The evening, though, will be a nice reprieve, when the lows are in the 50’s. Your best bet would be to visit during the spring or fall. Not only for the milder weather, but the surrounding foliage is beautiful.

Do you enjoy long bicycle rides? Then the Jedediah Smith Memorial Bicycle Trail is for you! The Trail runs more than 30 miles from Sacramento to Folsom Dam. This trail, the American River, various parks, beaches and recreation areas form the American River Parkway. In addition to the bike trail, there are trails for hikers, equestrian and other foot traffic. An incentive travel agency will gather information about the crowd at the destination of the passengers. In the hassle season, proper accommodations should be provided to the person.  

If your trip is at the end of Summer, you may be able to attend the California State Fair at Cal Expo. It is usually held the last two weeks prior to Labor Day. There are carnival rides, midway games, various exhibits, concerts and horse racing to enjoy. Waterworld USA is also at Cal Expo to cool you down during the hot summer days.

The California State Capitol is always an interesting place to see. There are historical and art exhibits, murals and statues in the main building. You can view a 10-minute film on the history and construction of the Capitol, or take a free tour of the main building and chambers. And if timed right, you may even be able to watch legislators debate or cast votes. When you step outside the Capitol Building, you will be surrounded by the 40-acre Capitol Park. The scenery is beautiful, with trees from around the world. The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is also in this park.

The Governor’s Mansion is also in this area. Chances are you will not see the current governor there, unless he also happens to be taking a tour. Ronald Reagan was actually the last governor to live in this mansion, back in 1967. It is an excellent illustration of Victorian-Gothic architecture and a very pleasurable tour.

Another place to see some of California’s history is Sutter’s Fort. In 1839, John Sutter arrived in Sacramento and built the first European outpost in the California interior. He built this fort to help protect the surrounding 50,000 acres that were given to him by the Mexican Government. You can take a self guided tour with audio wands and view blacksmiths’ shops, a jail, bakery, dining room and living quarters.

A trip to Sacramento wouldn’t be complete without walking the cobblestone streets of Old Sacramento. Here you have the West’s largest historic area and you can see it as it was when gold prospectors roamed these streets. There are history, shops, entertainment, restaurants, carriages and boat rides to enjoy. You can also visit the Towe Ford Museum of Automotive History and the Wells Fargo History Museum. There is limited free parking on these streets, but it is usually easier to find parking in the nearby parking garages.

During a basketball season, you should catch a Kings game. Or if it is a baseball season, you can see the Rivercats play. Or even attend some of the sporting events that are held at Sac State.

If you are looking for something fun to do at night, visit one of the comedy clubs. Laughs Unlimited has had many big-name stand-up comics, but also has open-mic night on Wednesdays. Punch Line has more of the local lineups with comedians from the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area. If you are looking for a dance club, then maybe try Faces. There are four rooms that make up Faces. There is a spacious dance room with a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system. There is a smaller video bar which has another dance floor and also karaoke. Then there is the piano/fireplace lounge. And don’t forget about the indoor/outdoor patio. If you’re looking for a slightly different experience, then you should check out Polly Esther’s Culture Club. This club is split in two. One section is Polly Esther’s where the main theme is the 70’s. This includes the decor and specialty drinks such as “The Jaws” and “The Cher.” Or if you prefer the 80’s, you can move over to Culture Club and enjoy refreshments like “Def Leppard” or “The Smurf.”

With so many activities, Sacramento is anything but disappointing. There is so much to see that you could be entertained for days. And if you get worn out with all this sightseeing, you can always relax in the gorgeous parks in the area. How great is that?! Enjoy your visit!