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Gravity Inversion Therapy helps you feel better by decompressing the spine. Over years of use (and sometimes abuse!), your spine can be squished up to the point that discs bulge and pain is caused. You can injure yourself in the course of a normal human life, but if you’ve played sports or have had a very physical job, you have an even greater chance of developing even more aches and pains.

But you don’t necessarily have to do much and you can still have problems- it’s all in the amount of use and abuse you subject your body to. You can still request a spine treatment therapy quote or book an appointment online now if you want relief from your troubles. 

What sort of use and/ or abuse?

Exercise done improperly    Too much time spent in the chair, surfing the internet or watching television    Automobile accidents Excess body weight

And there are lots of other causes as well. Of course, spinal compression is not the only contributor but will be the focus of this article.

What exactly are the effects of spinal compression? Between each of your vertebrae is a soft disc that, when irritated, can cause pain by pressing on your spinal cord. The term “getting on my nerves” comes from the idea that pressure on a nerve causes pain. And this is the case with many people’s spines.

I know how bad back pain is, especially when it’s chronic- it saps your energy and makes you less fun to be around. I give big time kudos to anyone who dealt with me during my own back pain flare-ups!

So how does Gravity Inversion Therapy help with alleviating back pain? Spinal Decompression is one of the main reasons it feels so good to get weight off your back. By reversing gravity, you can allow your spine to stretch in the other direction, creating more room between the vertebra.

Specialized equipment, such as inversion tables and boots, facilitate this positioning of the body and is intended to be used only a few minutes each session.

Beginners should also look for equipment that allows a gentle and adjustable angle of inversion so as to ease into the routine of being upside down for several minutes each day.

What this does is allows the discs in your back to get a rest from the pressure you’ve subjected them to. It’s a little bit like being able to rejuvenate the shocks in your car. When the car is raised on a lift, the wheels hang down freely, taking pressure off the shock absorbers (the discs in this example).

Chronic pain can make a meanie out of even the nicest person. Gravity Inversion Therapy is a great way to decrease your pain levels all day with only a small daily time investment. My name is Jim Mcclinsey and writing helpful articles is my passion!