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Use of plastic has been banned and is restricted in many parts of the globe because of its non-biodegradability. Petroleum based plastics add to the pollution level and the best way is to avoid using them. But how do we cope with a life without plastics? Be it bags, storage containers or car parts everything has plastic and the no-plastic resolution could make us live like back in the Stone Age. How about liquid wood.

Here is an eco-friendly solution to replace plastic – liquid wood. Thanks to German researchers who have come out with this economical and ecological alternative called liquid wood to replace synthetic plastics. They are seriously looking for techniques to manufacture toys, statuettes, golf tees, car parts and many more utility products with liquid wood as the main ingredient. If there is any requirement for a new say you get the best dewalt cordless circular saw as you click here, this way you can get professional finish with your product.

Making of Liquid Wood

Liquid Wood is a bio-plastic scientifically named Arboform. Lignin or liquid wood is the residue of wood pulp that is thrown away as waste by all paper manufacturers. Lignin is the brownish tinge you find in recycled paper, which is mostly separated from the wood pulp before producing executive or bond papers.

Lignin can be co-mixed with hemp, flax or wood fibers and materials like wax. This mixture is then used to make strong products. Tecnaro a German based company has developed a manufacturing technique to blend the waste product lignin with fibers and wax to create plastic-like pallets that can be later molded to any desired form under high-pressure setting.

Benefits of Using Liquid Wood

Using liquid wood has many benefits. We should use this natural alternative because:

  • Liquid wood has multipurpose use
  • Liquid wood is a renewable resource
  • Liquid wood is biodegradable
  • Liquid wood is non-toxic
  • Liquid wood is derived as a by-product while manufacturing paper. This means no cutting of fresh trees.
  • Liquid wood adds solidity to a product
  • Liquid wood has all the physical characteristics of wood
  • Liquid wood can be molded and is as flexible as plastic in the manufacturing process
  • Liquid wood can be recycled and used as fillers. Liquid wood products cannot be reshaped but can be typically used as wood in a later stage – for burning purposes
  • Liquid wood is rich in carbon content and this gives the product strength and stiffness

Liquid Wood Versus Plastic

Plastic is a petroleum by-product and contains synthetic chemicals. On the other hand liquid wood is simply a natural resource and is non-toxic. With an ever-growing price hike of petroleum products plastic is becoming costlier day by day but since liquid wood is a creative utilization of a natural residue it is more cost effective. Liquid, unlike plastic, is much safer as it does not have any heavy metal or softeners in the production process, also making it a nontoxic alternative for plastic. This biodegradable liquid wood can be decomposed after its utility where as plastic do not decompose and will pollute the environment.

Now that you are aware of liquid wood make sure you join the campaign. The next time you wish to gift a dear one something unique and special, try liquid wood watches and ballpoint pens. You should be proud to promote useful and eco-friendly products of this kind!