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No matter what the calendar says, your heart is always young enough to enjoy a romantic vacation. So, where should loving couples travel this summer to find a perfect setting for continuing their long-lasting romance? The quest also applies to single senior lovers who need a destination to choose to seek out the perfect summer companion for a brand-new relationship. Here are the most romantic five:

Paris: At the top of every traditional list of destinations for lovers, young and old, is Paris. Poets and songwriters have been extolling the capital of France as the city where love flourishes on every street corner, outdoor cafe, flowery walkway and cozy little hotel room. You can’t do wrong by booking a romantic summer vacation in Paris with your lover, spouse or someone else’s spouse. Of course, if you really, really want to do wrong, Paris may be the best place to do it right.

Venice: The lovers’ destination on the sunny coast of Italy is the city that offers the romantic gondola rides along the Grand Canal. Classic San Marco Square is the place to feed the pigeons, snuggle together, enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Doge’s Palace and make vows of eternal fidelity. Or at least swear to be true until the autumn leaves begin to fall, and each of you must return to other lives and relationships.

Rome: The capital city of Italy can be just as romantic as the watery scenes in Venice. Take your lover to visit St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican and the Roman Forum. If you can still do it, climb the Spanish Steps together, making each one a vow of breathless love. By the time you reach the top, you’ll be breathless anyhow. Toss coins over your shoulders into the Trevi Fountain, and promise each other that the wonderful moment together in the Eternal City would be eternal. At least until you get back to your hometowns.

New York: Remember Frank Sinatra’s singing ode to the Big Apple: If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New York, New York! And Frankie wasn’t referring to Wall Street when he emphasized making it. He meant New York is a great place for summer lovers, and those who travel there just to find new relationships. Enjoy the world’s best restaurant fares, see award-winning Broadway musicals, haunt the late-night clubs and grapple together on a buggy ride through Central Park. Do it all right and you’ll make it there in New York, New York.

Las Vegas: Hey, lovers, it’s not called Sin City for nothing. Vegas is the town where you can let it all hang out, or go to strip clubs and see other people up on stage let it all hang out. Dine and dance endlessly in a city that never sleeps, and then go to your glorious penthouse suite … the one with the mirror in the ceiling … get a few hours there in blissful togetherness, and go out to start the fun all over again. And remember: age is just a statistic. In Vegas, you’re as young as you feel, and who your feel.

Cruise: How about taking to the sea for your romantic senior vacation destination? Unlike on land, you and your love will see many destinations that keep fleeting by your stateroom’s balcony window. Acapulco, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Monte Carlo and many other ports of call await you. Enjoy the sea air together by the ship’s pool or go ashore to take in the sights. Nothing is more romantic than a moonlight stroll along the deck, just the two of you alone with the sea and the sky.

Those top romantic vacation senior destinations are great places to visit and enjoy with your loved one. Or if you travel to them on your own, to seek out a new love. Whatever your intentions, honorable or otherwise, if you do everything just right, you’ll be able to enjoy them fully on that next senior summer adventure. You will find more such info on https://www.peakperformancetours.com/educational-tours/senior-trips/. You get the best opinions about popular travel destinations with their best features and recommendations.