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The eSports industry is growing at a rapid pace and the eSports market is full of legal complications which is why organizers need to overcome all these issues to grow in this industry. In this article, we will be going through all the legal complications that this industry is going to face over the next few years.

  1. Broadcasting rights are really important for the grown of any sport on a global level which is the exploitation of these rights will be a huge legal issue in this industry. Copyright is one of the aspects that protect the economic interests of individuals. With traditional sports that team management staff has all the copyright over all theĀ mercĀ and intellectual property of the team. While with the eSports industry all the rights are owned by the publisher or the developer of the game.Since most of the tournaments in this industry are hosted online and the publisher or the developer is not a part of the tournament, all the broadcasting rights and other things are managed by the organizers of the tournament. This is not legally right as the tournament organizers do not own the broadcasting right and a legal issue can be easily raised by the developer as they sell those rights.For now, we see how the tournament organizers and the game developers under an agreement host these tournaments. In case there are any disputes between the organizers and the developers who would have the final say and what will happen to the broadcasting rights? All this is quite ambiguous for now and over the years we can expect much rational and proper regulations in this department.
  2. There are various legal issues in the eSports industry besides broadcasting. E-doping is another severe issue faced by this industry. This is a process in which players try to override the original software of the game in order to get an advantage over other players. This is a major issue in this industry that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There are hackers that alter the code of the game illegally along with several betting tools that are available online. However, players can use lol ranked boost that is an affordable service for pushing their ranks in the game they like. This is a completely safe and affordable service that players all around the globe can opt for.Coming back to these illegal activities, they seriously harm the reputation of this industry along with negatively affecting the game developers.This unfair exploitation of the games results in fewer tournaments and also affects the sales of gaming products. This is why there should be severe rules and penalties for all those trying to use unfair methods as they play the game. We can expect strict rules and regulations in such matters in the next few years as well.
  3. As the market is dominated by the big guns it would be really hard for smaller game developers to launch successful games, therefore, we might expect some rules and regulations in order to help small scale developers to protect their games from market giants.
  4. Privacy concern in the eSports industry is a big issue as we have seen how there are various online tournaments in which players cheat and let other professional players play in their place. This is common in online tournaments due to a lack of technology to verify the identity of the players. Moreover, as there are hackers in this industry players can lose their personal information in addition to getting their accounts hacked. Getting your game account hacked is really heartbreaking for any professional player which is why there is a need for strict rules and regulations against the hackers. Moreover, game developers should try to invest in technology so that they can improve the security of the players as they play the game. Players that face hacking problems should be able to restore their gaming accounts easily as well.

These are some of the legal complications the eSports industry is facing globally and we can expect more rules and regulations in order to create a safer and amazing experience for all the professional players that are there.