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Fabrics and dogs don’t always play well together. Just a few visits to the family sofa and most furniture begins to smell with a familiar doggy odor. That’s bad news for the person who loves to cuddle up to watch a good TV show or movie with their faithful companion at their side. But, dog owners, take heart. Here are three fabric manufacturers that can change it all for you.

  • Crypton

For beauty, durability and maintenance, it’s hard to beat Crypton fabrics. They are both pet-friendly and kid-friendly and unusually stain resistant. Not only does Crypton make one of the leading pet-friendly, antimicrobial fabrics, it makes dog beds that are impervious to stains or smells. I recently bought one at a dog show and I still can’t believe my little pug, Bella, hasn’t managed to make it smell – that’s a first at my house. As they say on their website, ” … nothing gets into a Crypton cushion.”

Crypton also offers a pet cleaner that boasts the ability to remove every trace of pet stains. Visit the company’s website at CryptonAtHome.com to read about the full range of their products. The ratings of the fabrics can be checked at the goodpuplife.com site through the person. The removal of the traces will be complete with the products available at the site.

  • Sunbrella

Long known for their durability in outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella also has a line of material that lets pets be pets. The design and color or Sunbrella fabrics run completely through the peace with the color locked in. That means the patterns don’t wear from the top down and don’t fade from frequent cleaning. That’s good news for people with dogs or other pets – since bedding and other fabrics that come in contact with their pets must be cleaned or laundered often.

Sunbrella.com gives you a good overview of the history of Sunbrella fabrics and why they are chosen as the number one outdoor fabric. For those reasons, many decorating professionals choose them for dog-friendly indoor decor.

  • Waverly

When it comes to style, selection and availability, Waverly fabrics are number one. First and foremost for the average consumer, they’re easy to find – featured at well known stores like Joann Fabrics and Lowes. That means you don’t have to track down an interior decorator to get samples or find a good selection of product.

Second, the array of colors and patterns from Waverly just seems endless. When it comes to dog-friendly fabrics, you’ll want to explore their Sun N Shade collection at Waverly.com. It’s a breathable polyester that withstands all forms of dirt, mold and mildew.