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People born in the nineteen century may recall the fact that turntables are derived from the vinyl record players. In the past couple of years, you can find that turntable terms gained huge popularity. The new thing of trend is that people want to buy a vintage turntable. They are getting sold for an expensive price point.

If you are also willing to buy one, the very first question which pops in mind is about their main quality. It will help you know whether to buy it not. Many say that Vintage turntable is a better sounding option than the new ones. They have plenty of quality features which make them the highly impressive and better option as compared to the other ones.

In order to know about this answer, let’s dig deep and learn about some of the key qualities to buy a vintage turntable over the new one –

  1. Sound Quality is totally subjective

Some say that listening to music on a vintage turntable is going to be your best experience. They are full of details and better Quality. But, this is totally a subjective part. Some people like the old one. They still have a small grainy sound, but that is acceptable because the music volume is pretty loud and good enough to hide all the flaws.

But, if you compare the old one to the new one, there is a slight difference. You can get better bass in the sound. Playing music is easier because they are totally automatic. You can easily decide the perfect sound system to play old music. So, these reasons can easily make you prefer the purchase of a vintage turntable over the new one.

  1. Old Ones are Cheaper

It is true that vintage turntables are expensive, but those are considered a piece of art and sold in auction for museums. The rest of the story is totally different. You can easily find so many deals for old turntables online, and they will be available for the half or fractional price of new turntables.

So, the first myth about the vintage turntable is a lie. This myth of high price was a rumor actually, which was created to increase the price of turntable in auctions. Now, you know the truth. So, if you are considering to buy a turntable for the emotional value, then make sure that you don’t end up paying too much on the name of a vintage look.

  1. Convenience and Lifespan

In case you are going to spend a pretty good amount of money on the purchase of an old turntable, then chances of getting into issues are higher. There are so many people who end up buying a poor quality turntable for the expensive price point. Convenience is definitely the most important factor, and you can’t expect that from old ones, so paying the extra price is a bad decision here. So, you must think wisely.

Even the lifespan of a perfectly maintained turntable is still going to be very poor. They were made up of wood, and after years of use, their part starts cracking or breaking. Replacing part doesn’t mean restoring them. So, the old one is not the same if you are buying them for their sentimental values in this era.

Bottom Line

These are some of the basic details that you must have to consider in case you want to buy a vintage turntable. Make sure that you consider the reason instead of sound Quality. In our opinion, buying a vintage turntable is a great choice if you have any sentimental values connected, and you want the exact same sound quality of the eighties.