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Proms are traditionally formal occasions. Men are favoring shorter hair, so mens hairstyles with long hair ¬†are quite uncommon. Then, nothing says formal like the impeccably styled hairdos worn by the females in attendance. And no hairstyle is more formal than an up ‘do. Prom up ‘do hairstyles range from being as simple as having a sweep of hair up in a comb to sporting a head full of braids, curls, tendrils and adornments.

When deciding on a prom up ‘do hairstyle, you should keep in mind the overall look you are trying to achieve. Your hairstyle will need to complement your dress, be right for your facial shape and will depend on how long or short your hair is. Styles101 has a guide online for choosing an up ‘do based on the shape of your face.

You have only to check the red carpet at celebrity events to know that up ‘dos are glamorous. They are stylish and elegant and you can see many of the updo styles of the stars online. You can view the up ‘do hairstyles of Angelina Jolie, Hayden Panettiere, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Alba and others at Beauty Riot.

The prom up ‘do hairstyle can take many forms and can be embellished with hair accessories, fresh flowers, ribbons. Many of the up ‘dos have familiar names and forms. The bun, French twist, chignon, beehive, and ponytail are styles we are all pretty much familiar with. They can be transformed into something ethereal and breathtaking for your prom.

The simple forms of updos have been tweaked and transformed and they have evolved into more elaborate hairstyles and hybrids of the originals. Buns are made up of braided strands, or done messy with strands and bits sticking out; the French twist can have a tail or be accented with a tiara high on the crown; maybe your updo will only be a half up up ‘do with lots of hair hanging down either straightened or in curls; you may even sport a signature Carrie Underwood look and have a sidesweep where the other side is down in loose curls.

Your style will be limited only by your imagination. To find great looks and possibilities for prom up ‘do hairstyles you should check out some of the extensive photo gallery websites online that feature many different hairdos. Prom Hairstyles has sixteen galleries with a dozen pictures in each. Boss Hairstyles has eight pages of some of the funkiest, trendiest up ‘dos we have seen. Dogging along on their heels is Hair Boutique, they don’t have as many styles but they are very different.

Photos are great for gathering ideas to take to your stylist, but if you are trying to save yourself some money or prefer to work on your own hair, then there are some great sites out there with instructions. Dressy Tresses, Nexxus, Hairstyle and eHow all have instructions on different styles of up ‘dos, some more elaborate than others.

If you are still in need of more ideas, you can browse popular magazines for ideas. Some of the available magazines featuring hairstyles are Celebrity Hairstyles, Hype Hair, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide, Hairstyle and Great Hair.

There are also books in which you can find up ‘dos. “Great Hair: Elegant Styles For Every Occasion” and “The Updo Style Selector Vol #2” that features over 250 full color photos are just two of those. A visit to your local library can unearth more books and magazines featuring hairstyles.

These are all valuable resources for finding the right up ‘do for the look you want at the prom.