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When choosing a new mirror for your home, there are many factors to consider.

Mirrors can add a massive improvement to the look and feel of your home, changing a dull, small room into a bright, radiant living space. When choosing a mirror it is always a good idea to take time to observe the area where your new mirror will hang (or stand) and visualise what style might be suited.

The upvc conservatories have a certain penchant for house interior and they are the first choice for all house residents when it comes to transformation.

With contemporary decor you can’t go far wrong with a rectangular frame mirror in landscape. Choosing the right size and color requires careful consideration as too small a mirror can look ornamental, like a side piece leaving lots of bare wall space, as if something is missing. The wrong color can clash or at worst be garish. To get an idea of best size, cut out an oversize piece of card or paper in a rectangular shape and place it in the approximate position you would like to hang the mirror. If this is too large (you might be surprised at how small it looks on the wall) then fold an edge over to experiment with the shape. It may be that a more longer or narrow rectangle will add a more desired effect.

Ornate mirrors are more suitable to rooms with a traditional furniture display, for example opposite a crystal display in a glass cabinet accompanying antique furniture. More ornate mirrors tend to have gilt or silver leaf decoration which can give a very affluent image. People commonly mistake gilt leaf framed mirrors as being flawed, due to the small cracks that are visible on the frame’s surface. This is a sign of authentic gilt leafing by hand, from the process of sprinkling flakes of gold foil onto an adhesive covered frame. The frame is left overnight and brushed off with a soft cloth, leaving the shiny bonded gilt. With spray painted gold there will be a much more even colored smooth surface, but a good quality finish can still be pleasing to the eye.

Beveled Edge Glass

Beveling, where the edge of the glass is cut in an inward slant, refracts the light onto the edge of the frame thus increasing the overall appearance of brightness created by the mirror. The beveling usually starts one inch from the edge of glass, but this can vary as it may not look as nice with a smaller glass surface. It is most suitable to use beveled glass with either square or rectangular frames due to the straight edges.

Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

There is a rich choice of bathroom mirror designs on the market today, with many different features. Illuminating mirrors can be a useful accessory, particularly in dimly lit bathrooms, but take care to choose a color light that complements your bathroom. A must have for the bathroom is a self demisting mirror. These mirrors have pads on the back that will warm the glass while you shower or wash. A great time saver when you need to shave in the morning.