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Some people, like my mother, are born with both gift and interest in hair styling. I on the other hand am born with letting hair stylist pick and choose whatever they please as long as they don’t murder my hair. Knowing my desired hair style is like answering the question ‘what is Lip Gloss Made Off? It is quite complicated.

It has always been a task for me to ensure I get hair cut. I could be stiff bored and yet it doesn’t occur to me to go make appointment with beautician or any of manicurists. Perhaps it’s mixture of curse and blessing, because about every stylists has so far been happy with a) that I let them do whatever they please, and b) that my hair isn’t quiet as damaged as those who try many stylings on their own.

My latest attempt was with a few well known salons near financial district in downtown SF and in upcoming and hip Hayes valley. Getting same day hair cut or coloring was literally impossible. One of the salon, I had to be on waitlist for students’ haircut for faster  amp; cheaper and yet it took me a month and almost $100.00

Walking around with $100.00-$200.00 haircut? The one that would fade away and grow unevenly in 3months? Hm….

I always prided myself for being a hard working middle class person, but at this rate I might turn myself into a hardly working vein person.

Well, they’re supposed to be the best! So maybe in a capitalist society we live in, maybe more expensive and harder to get in means better. Maybe, I’m just being fooled with…

My adventure with perm begins with my mom, wanting to get a beautician license way way back and using me as an experimental subject. My adventure with layered hair begins with this rather good stylist name Billy whose phone number I lost and have been searching house for past 3 years. He was operating at home, as a hobby and claims he’s a retired stylist operating in New York and in San Francisco with professional models. And, with my lack of care I got elected ‘make over’ subject at one of girls-party event, and stuck with him for about a year. He charged almost half the salon and yet after he spends an hour on my hair I felt my whole head is rejuvenated, end of hair as well as my sculpt. And, the nice layered hair he gave did last much much longer than 2 days.

Thus, it was quiet a disappointment that my latest attempt at layered hair and coloring my dark brown hair into black didn’t last more than a week, and I looked like I had a bad haircut that I couldn’t even tie ponytail. And that did cost me some $300 total.

Thus when I noticed ‘OnSite’ haircut bus outside cafeteria at work in Sunnyvale last week I made a mental note perhaps I should trim off some of layers and get my hair even on edges before upcoming vacation. I’m leaving on friday, so getting haircut on tuesday would be fresh enough!

There were 2 ladies sitting around chatting when I entered that trailer around 4pm, about an hour too late from time I was originally going to walk in; well that’s work, always getting stalled and interrupted. They got on their foot and white lady left for a walk as black lady with beads in colored blonde offered me a seat. For $18 haircut that I attempted a year ago, it was efficient and clean enough, just like good old SuperCut. I sat down and she asked what I wanted and I told her my haircuts about 4months old and I need to look a bit more clean from the bad layered hair I have on. She offered that she could do a good layer hair, and after a few words I told her to do whatever she likes. And was wondering inside if this would mean more expensive hair cut; was she trying to make up for slow business with more expensive haircut? That quickly dissipated, she seem to enjoy what she was doing. She also did what I’ve not seen in a while, which is pulling my hair upward to even up the length as she makes the back of hair longer and the outter layers short. At first, it seem very limited, but after about 15min sitting there I could tell she was going to give me a full layer haircut.

As I started enjoying owning the space and attention of whole ‘OnSite Hair’ salon, the white lady came back and soon afterwards 3 guys walked in, one with an appointment and first one actually some one I knew. Mark, who walked in first, was a friendly guy but didn’t know he had such a sense of humor; and didn’t know he was a regular here. That sort of gave me more comfort with trusting my hair to this lady. Unlike me, Mark had much of haircut vocabularies under his belt and teased the other lady there that was giving him haircut.

When finally done, after half an hour of chopping, it did look pretty decent and she told me it’s only gonna cost me $18, like any other haircut. Ho, hum… Not bad!

2 days to go until vacation, and my hair a day after hair cut actually is nice. I can see 3 layers and shortest does curl away from my face, thus it seems I can get some styling out of this haircut without much maintenance.

So, why was I wasting much effort to be on a line for reservation months away to give 10 times more, to be disappointed?

I’m still searching for hair stylist as good as Billy, or just searching for Billy’s contact by turning my place upside down. But, I guess it’s pointless to make next appointment 3months away as I walk into a new salon I’m trying on just to get in.

I’m so so ready for vacation. Well, my hair is!