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One of the misconceptions about CBD products is that it only comes in oil. But there is other form of CBD that people can use and consume. This comes in the form of tincture. If you are not yet aware of the differences between tinctures and oil, you are in the right place, this article will go through the things you need to know about both CBD. 

CBD Oil: What is it?

Let us first define what CBD oil is. Basically, CBD oil is made through the extraction process that allows the oil from the seed, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant to be pulled out.  From all the forms of CBD, CBD oil is considered to be the most important and the most expensive as well. CBD oil contains wide variety of nutrients such as protein, fatty acids, and more. Nowadays, people are using CBD as part of their drink and food recipes.  Furthermore, according to studies, CBD has the ability to impact our endocannabinoid system. Since the oil has an intense potency, only 2 -3 teaspoon od substance is enough for the day. However, when determining the right dosing of CBD, it is important to estimate and consider the body weight, goals and more when knowing how to use CBD for pain

Ingredients of CBD Oil

CBD oils are constituted from the base oil or carrier oils. These types of oils are responsible for the CBD dilution. This makes it easier for the body to absorb. The base oils are combination of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin base and MCT oil. 

CBD Tinctures

Basically, CBD tinctures are different from CBD oil. The word ‘tincture’ means ay medication that is kept in alcohol arrangement. In CBD tinctures, CBD is suspense under 60% to 70% of distilled alcohol. Such tinctures are hemp extracts combined with glycerin, peppermint oil, cinnamon and a mixture of alcohol. Generally, people can use CBD tinctures same as they use CBD oil. However, what makes CBD tinctures different is that it contains low potency of CBD and it has long shelf life. The CBD dosage also varies from one user to another.  Additionally, CBD oil has lower biovailability compared to CBD tinctures. This is because of the presence of alcohol in tinctures that serve as preservative in order to enhance CBD life. People can also cook with CBD tinctures so it also can be combined with food and drinks. 

Ingredients of CBD Tincture

Compared to CBD oil, there is a lesser CBD ration in CBD tincture. This is because of the other substances being added in order to enhance the flavor. Some of these ingredients include water, herbs, essential oils like lavender and basil, melatonin, essential vitamins such as B12, D, C, and sweeteners. 

To further understand the difference between tinctures and oils, here are some of the information that you need to know:

When it comes to the base, CBD oil has cannabidiol as the base. On the other hand, CBD tincture has alcohol as the base. Regardless of what the oil of the two CBD is, both mimic the same healing properties. The ingestion method is also different. CBD oil can be ingested using the vape method while mixing in food due to its alcohol base can ingest tincture. Furthermore, CBD oil is considered to be as a substance that has an unpleasant taste specially when consumed orally. On the other hand, tincture comes in different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, peach etc. 

When it comes to the price, CBD oil tends to be be more expensive than tincture specially if it is high quality.  You can visit for coupon some of the best products online.