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The current situation is pretty grave as the corona virus cases keep piling up in alarming numbers with each passing day and the presidents and prime ministers of most of the countries can do nothing but simply be mute spectators as the situation has spiraled completely out of control.

This new health scare has united the world like no other as people have started taking their health more seriously and even the staunchest of enemy countries have joined hands together to fight and defeat the pandemic once and for all.

Now, this situation calls for a renewed debate about health and well being but today we are going to focus on some important points that can be called antidotes to this poison.


Cannabinoid Oil, also known as Cannabidiol, is one such oasis in this fiery stream that provides welcome relief from different diseases right from normal joint pain to cancerous maladies.

They are found in the tropical areas of hill stations and are the most effective and authentic things that you can find for curing certain diseases and ailments, which keep getting better and better.

They are formed from extracts of marijuana plants and have such strong medicinal properties that they can even put many pharmacy organizations to shame, which is due to them being authentic and original whereas the medicines in the open market are full of harmful chemicals and artificial flavor, which is sold for the sake of making money with little regards for the welfare of human beings.

Why So Important?

Let us now discuss about why the CBD oil is so important that it has such strong medicinal properties in it. It is so because they contain certain chemical compounds that make them as such.

Two of them are Cannabinoid (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which comprise a major portion of the oil that is taken from marijuana/cannabis and they are such strong properties that they can encompass the entire spectrum of medicine through its structure.


Both of them have a similar molecular structure as they contain 20 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms but they differ in their chronological arrangements which tend to have different effects on various people depending on their immune system and body structure.

In chemical terms, they are similar to the average human body’s endocannabinoids, which allows them to penetrate the structure easily and gets friendlier with the cells of different body parts.


Where CBD and THC differ in their outlook is that they have different psychoactive results despite the former being non-psychoactive in nature and structure and does not make anyone ‘high’ in comparison to its counterpart.

The reason why THC is more effective is through its ability to bind with the neuron receptors of the brain, which responds positively and induces a high sense of excitement, bordering on euphoria in human beings whereas the CBD is not able to forge a strong bond with the brain and hence has weaker results.

You can read more about the differences through various CBD oil reviews, where they can provide a detailed analysis of CBD and THC with a complicated diagram and chemical equations to make you understand it better.