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The scope of a rifle scope is perhaps the key part of an accurate gun. The scope acts as the connector between the bullet fired by your gun and the target. Without a scope, you will find it hard to accurately shoot a target from a distance. Your results in long shots rely on the performance of the rifle scope, the performance of the mounting system of the scope, and the way that it is attached to the gun itself. In this article, we will be discussing the various features and specifications that you must look for in rifle scopes. We will also provide you with some products that we personally recommend. without further ado, let’s start:


The lens is the most crucial part of a rifle scope, especially for long range scopes. The ideal scope should have a lens that is capable of producing crystal clear image in many environments. Multicoated lens providing protection from lens glare, scratches, and other issues that can affect the visibility in a scope is recommended.

Scope body

Any rifle scope worth their salt should have waterproofing and fog proofing properties, or else you wouldn’t be able to take your scope outdoors. When choosing a scope, be sure to buy one that features an aircraft grade aluminum body to guarantee it’s durability.


The reticle of the scope is important if you want to accurately track your target over long distances. You will find loads of specialized reticles on the market and they are all nice to have. However, all you will ever need for a reticle is hash or dot markings that are dispersed from top to bottom and horizontally in the scope. A proper reticle will allow you to calculate your shots taking the distance, bullet drop and wind speed in consideration.

Product recommendations

Long Range Scope was a weapon attachment that is a staple to gun owners who does not want to treat their weapon like a shotgun. If you are looking for the best long range rifle scopes, continue reading below. Here are some of our recommended long range scopes for rifles.

  1. Sig Sauer Whisky 3 Riflescope

Featuring a 3x optical zoom with various choices on the reticle, the Sig Sauer Whisky 3 Riflescope is a good long range rifle scope. Other features include a low dispersion glass, which provides a very clear image regardless of the environmental conditions that you are using it on. It is further complemented with a waterproof and fog proof design, and can even be completely submerged under 1 meter of water.

The Sig Sauer Whisky 3 Riflescope is European style, which means that if you are familiar with European style scopes, you will be able to use it just as well.

  1. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II First Focal Plane Riflescopes

The Viper PST Gen II is extremely flexible and well suited for close and long range shots. The rifle scope features laser imprinted turrets, parallax effect that can be adjusted, and a fiber optic rotation signal. All those features ensure that you will be able to keep on top of your target easily.

The lens is made from an extra-low dispersion glass, which results in a high image resolution and color accuracy. The lens is multicoated, protecting you from lens flare from sunlight or from low light condition. Lastly, there is a protective coating from Armortek that guarantees that your scope will be usable for a long time, without any scratches. The scope features an O-ring sealed, aircraft quality aluminum body, with the proper waterproofing and fog proofing that is the standard nowadays.