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Wheelchair ramps are for people with disabilities and this instrument allows them to access both private and public facilities. There are three different types of ramps that are available in the market that are permanent ramps, semi-permanent ramps, and portable ramps. You get different features and designs with each type which is why it is really important that you consider a ramp that is suitable according to your needs. However, if you are trying to build a ramp on your own then you should know about the process, the engineering skills along with different mathematical calculations and calcul pente that are going to take place.
Here are the simple steps that you should be following as you build a wheelchair ramp:

The first thing that you should be considering is the ramp’s longevity. Before you start with the inquiry about the permits and material required you should be considering all your requirements and thereafter the type of ramp that you need to build. A portable or temporary ramp is quite easy in construction whereas if you interesting in building a permanent ramp then you will need professional help and services thereby increasing the overall cost of the project. 

The next step in this process is to plan the location of your permanent ramp. In case you need a building permit before you start the construction, planning and creating blueprints of the process will help in getting the permit as well. You should mention all the relevant details and dimensions about the ramp in such documents as well. 

Thereafter you can consider all the material and services that you will need in order to finish your construction. You should include the cost of building supplies, the cost of professional services, and the fee for the building permit. If you are going for a temporary or portable ramp you can simply buy the whole setup from the market or you can build that without the need of any professional which may reduce the cost significantly. 

Now that you are ready with your construction plan and all the relevant information you can now visit the local authorities for the building permit. There are several rules and regulations that are out there that you need to follow in order to create a permanent ramp which is why you should make sure that you secure all the relevant documents before you start with the construction. 

As you secure the permit, you can start with the construction of the ramp. Depending upon your building you can start with an in-line ramp, L shaped ramp, or a wrap-around ramp. You can consider the space that you have for the construction along with the visual aesthetics of your building. 

The angle at which you start building a ramp is also significant. This angle determines the length of your ramp as you maintain a 1:12 ration between the angle of the ramp and the length of the ramp. This is to ensure the safety of the people that are using the ramp. This optimum angle allows them to descend and ascend the ramp in control. 

Next, you consider the place of landing for your ramp. You have an optional intermediate landing, bottom landing, and top landing. All these landings have different features and can be considered according to the design of the ramp. 

Safety features are also important as you construct a ramp. You can install handrails, guard rails, and roofs or gutters if the ramp is connected to a building. All these features make it easier for people that are on wheelchairs to use these ramps without any problems. 

Now that you have all the relevant information you can start creating the ramp by using treated lumber as that will add more durability to your ramp.