Strategy games are one of the most popular games that you will find on your mobile app store. There are a number of reasons why strategy games is so popular. Strategy games are something that needs a lot of attention and concentration. Unlike most other games where you just need to destroy things, this game makes your mind work. This will help you concentrate and it will also ensure that you are able to gain Bonuses and focus and make sure that you sharpen your mind at all times. Strategy games keep you on your toes at all times and this will make you a better person.

Although strategy games are a single player game, the motivation level to compete here is always high. This is mainly because the leader board constantly reminds you that there are people who have beat you in the game. It is annoying that such a simple looking game is so tough to play and this is one of the main reasons why people spend hours trying hard to solve all the clues that are thrown at you.

When you download strategy games for the first time you will find it very hard to play. This is mainly because your mind is not used to focusing on the games you play and your concentration levels are low. With time, you get better and as you get better you will realize that your concentration levels and the ability to focus gets better.

Strategy games are one of the best games when it comes to enhancing your gaming as well as your personal skills. Very few games have such a twofold effect on the player. Most games are made with the purpose of entertainment and with the purpose of making money at the cost of the gamer. However with strategy games there is no such catch. This game enhances your ability to think quicker in certain situations and make quicker decisions. The game enhances your reflexes as well. This will increase your confidence in many real life situations. There are certain situations that will require you to act swiftly. If your reflexes are not up to the mark there is a chance that you may be injured or your may lose your life as well. With better reflexes you can avoid various life and death situations around you.

Strategy games are one of the best games when it comes to making you a better person. Strategy games helps you think quicker on your feet as well. You react faster and make firmer and quicker decisions. Since your mind is a lot sharper than other people that do not play this game you will have a huge advantage especially at your work place. Strategy games also helps you be patient as it is one of the primary requirements of the game. This game will increase your level of patience and tolerance making you a better and a likeable person in your personal life as well as your professional life.