Stage, Video, Lighting and Sound


50’ W X 22’6" In D 

Height: 21'4" In Top of stage to bottom of lights.

Width between columns: 23'11".  Left wing:  8'6".  Right wing:  9'1''.

SL offstage area 5' W x 16" D

Upstage Overhang:  10' Hx 7'7" D

Stage is 39.5" off the ground.


33 HD Televisions throughout venue
1   HD Projector 10’ X 17’ screen
1   HD Projector 5’ X 9’ screen


Full performance stage and dance lighting by Grace Lighting.

Accent lighting: Color Kinetics LED throughout.

2- Wireless DMX Universes

48 paired - 1k par 64s NSI controller or 3rd DMX Universe 

Light Plot 1
Light Plot 2
Light Plot 3


House Mixing Console:
Yamaha O1V
12 Mono mic/line Input Channels
2 Stereo mic/line Input Channels
2 Main outputs
4 omni outputs pre/post switching

House Sound System:
Left:   4 L-acoustics DV-dosc line array + 1 DV sub
Right: 4 L-acoustics DV-dosc line array + 1 DV sub
Sub:    5 L-acoustics SB28 Subwoofers

Center: 4 L-acoustics DV-dosc line array 
*center cluster flown for upper level only. Center does not intersect with main Left, Right PA

Left:  3 L-acoustics DV-dosc line array
Right: 3 L-acoustics DV-dosc line array

VIP delay: 2 L-acoustics 12XT

Processing and amplification: L-acoustics LA8x7 LA4x1

Input/Drive lines
12 balanced XLR inputs from stage rack to FOH
16 balanced XLR drive lines 7 dedicated to house system. 9 available for icom, talk back etc. etc.

Monitor System
Mon system is from FOH O1V

5-L-acoustics 112xt
*currently 2 mixes are capable
1- L-acoustics SB115p powered sub for drum fill/dj can be driven via extra drive line and omni out

Processing and amplification: L-acoustics LA4x1

WST-based sound reinforcement system
Excellent for all throw distances
Clarity, intelligibility, precision
120° horizontal directivity
Vertical directivity adjustable in 1° steps
Suitable for touring or fixed installation
Active 2-way (2x 8'' and 3" diaphragm compression driver)
LA8 advanced system drive & protection
Unequaled "price/performance/size" ratio

High output, compact subwoofer
Reference system for dV-DOSC
Compatible with all L-ACOUSTICS products
Vented bandpass triple 15" design
Suitable for touring or fixed installation
Dedicated presets for digital processors
Optimised for 40-200 Hz bandwidth
Integral rigging, compatible with dV-DOSC

Front-loaded optimized bass reflex design
Progressive profile venting design for laminar airflow
Exceptional power handling
Optimized for low frequency limit of 25 Hz
Driven with LA8 controlled amplifier
Cardioid DSP emulation available

Multi-purpose two-way active/passive coaxial enclosure
Dual driver assembly (12" LF, 3" HF)
Point-source 90° radiation free of polar lobing
Total wavefront coherency
Wedge-shaped enclosure for FOH, Fill or monitor system
Integrated rigging system for distributed SR applications
LA4 advanced system drive & protection

Compact self-powered P series companion subwoofer
Direct radiating, single 15" bass reflex design
High power handling, high efficiency
Low thermal power compression, low distortion
High efficiency 1000W power amplifier module
Digital system drive and equalization
Suitable in live application monitoring and distributed SR

Cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network
High-grade 24 bit A/D converters, 130 dB dynamic range
32 bit floating point SHARC DSP, 96 kHz sampling rate
4 channel high efficiency amplifier section fed by 2 inputs
LA4: 4X1000W/4 Ohms, LA8 4X1800W/4 Ohms
Advanced dual IIR/FIR filter algorithms
Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection
Complete onboard L-ACOUSTICS preset library
LA NETWORK MANAGER RC software & monitoring
Ready for future multi-channel digital audio network.