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So maybe you need a fun place to take the kids, or you have a date night coming up. You think. “Hey bowling sounds fun! But I don’t know which alley to go to. There are so many!” There are indeed a lot of bowling alleys. How will you ever decide on which one to go to?

If you’ve ever bowled in Reno, you know that there are many places to go. You may have your favorite place already picked out. If you want a relaxed atmosphere you may try the Grand Sierra Resort. You will see everyone from professional bowlers to small tots. The Grand Sierra bowling alley is appealing to many different people. It is kid friendly, affordable, and easy to locate. All you have to do is follow the signs. One of the great things about the Grand Sierra bowling center is that it has a nearby bar for those of us that enjoy an occasional drink, as well as a small kiosk for food. On the down side, the Grand Sierra can be poorly staffed at times and it will take a great deal of patience to get someone to assist you with lane changes or problems. This is also a very popular place to go, so if you are on the shy side, it probably is not the alley for you.

Another alley we have here in Reno is the National Bowling Stadium. This is where the real pros go. It is truly a mouth opener to see. Upon entering you are greeted by a four store lobby and a great little statue that I have seen many people take their pictures by. This place is something you have to see. It is amazing just going and watching some of the pros bowl. The National Bowling Stadium is the only one of its kind in the world. But wait! Not only do they do bowling, they also have a full-service bar, pool tables, a room for gatherings, and a I-WERKS theater. If you are serious about bowling, this is where you should be.

Finally, we are down to my favorite alley of all time. The Coconut bowl; located conveniently in Wild Island, this is the place to take any casual date, or the family for a night out. They have a place to let the kids play, a bar, a seated area for food and pool tables. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating. There are the times that they have taken a while to help you with lane difficulties. When you’re tired of bowling you could always go to the water park, or if it’s closed, go-carts are just across the way, as well as mini golf and an arcade. This place won me over on the night bowling. It was incredible; and they have a place for private parties. So a night out with the girls is perfect with a couple of cocktails. If you go during the day, beware of children. However, late at night it’s a great place to bowl.

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