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Did you know that many restaurant meals that appear to be perfect for your weight loss plan have hidden secrets? It might be a butter sauce used on salmon or steamed vegetables or even high-calorie dressings that completely smother a healthy salad.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are questions you can ask before placing your order to make sure you’re getting the healthiest meal possible. No longer do you have to be the victim of secret fat and calories. Although, instead of restricting yourself from the joy of eating whatever you like at these restaurants, you can try other alternatives for weight loss such as Coolsculpting. There is no recovery time needed after the procedure which makes this perfect for everyone right from working professionals to old people.

“What choices on the menu are weight loss friendly?”

In the past few years, many restaurants have made an effort to create a portion of the menu devoted to healthier options. Unfortunately, not all restaurants have adopted this trend. If the menu doesn’t have a healthy section, ask the waitstaff which dishes contain the least amount of calories and fat. A well-trained staff will be able to tell you everything you need to know about each dish on the menu. Even if they are unsure of the calories and fat in each dish, they will be able to tell you how each dish is prepared, which will help you make the best choice.

“What low-fat dressings do you have available?”

After several restaurant salads, you may begin to grow tired of low fat ranch or raspberry vinaigrette. If the menu doesn’t list the available salad dressings, ask. You may be quite surprised at the options available. Many restaurants offer homemade dressings and have flavors you might not have tried before. If you’re unsure of which to try, ask for a couple of different choices to be placed on the side of the salad. This will allow you to try different options and find a new favorite to dress your salad.

“How are your steamed vegetables seasoned?”

Ever wonder why steamed vegetables taste so much better in the restaurant? This is because many restaurants toss their steamed vegetables with butter. Butter can turn an otherwise healthy side dish into a fat-laden nightmare. Asking this one simple question gives you the chance to request that the restaurant leave off the butter and simply use salt and pepper or no seasoning at all.

“Do you use butter on your steaks and seafood?”

A lean sirloin or a filet of salmon may sound like a healthy choice, but many restaurants brush steaks and seafood with seasoned butter to enhance their flavor. Not only does butter add flavor, but it also adds moisture. If your steak or seafood has ever come out with a glossy sheen, this is the result of butter. While butter may make your steak or seafood moist and flavorful, it will also add fat and calories. If the restaurant uses butter, you can request that they leave it off or place melted butter on the side for your seafood.

“Would it be possible to order a plate of fruit for dessert?”

Many restaurants use fruit in their desserts or in the plating of their desserts. If you want something sweet after your meal, ask the waitstaff if it would be possible to get a plate of fruit rather than a dessert. The options may be limited, but you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth while also sticking to a healthy calorie limit.