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Give yourself a round of applause! It’s a great—and somehow unique—idea to base your gift for your girl based on her zodiac sign. That kind of thinking might result in ausgefallene geschenkideen für freundin, but that would make it more loveable.

Leo women usually love champagne, However, if you are looking for something that is more than just a beer, don’t worry! The items on this list would just be quite easy to find and budget-friendly—all of it is just below a hundred dollar!

  • Necklace with Star sign

One of the things that a Leo person would like is jewelry. The more elegant and fancier it looks, the more that they will love it. There are necklaces that look great more than their price. You can also choose necklaces with Leo-shaped pendants.

  • Fierce Makeup

This gift is surely a fire for Leo women. An example is the Violet lip kits like the one made by Kylie Jenner—who is also a Leo. Leos love to do and collect make-ups. Afterall, that is one way to surely catch the attention of many people, which is also another thing that a Leo person would embrace.

  • Relaxing Robe

A Leo person would surely love to go for a night out or night parties. In the same way, there would also be times that they would just feel so lazy, so give them a nice cozy and relaxing robe. This would make their rest day 100 times better and delightful.

  • Barware Glasses

Like mentioned before, they could really like champagne. However, they are also highly attracted to things that have thin gold. Try giving them barware glasses that have gold rims. They would probably be so happy using them and even displaying them in their house!

  • Cute Phone Cases

A Leo person would surely love a cute phone case, especially if it is designed with bright colors and bold graphic patterns. These phone cases are also a great item if you’re looking for a cheap one. It is also a great idea as a gift because you can see them using it when they are using their phone.

  • Streaming Devices

Another thing that a Leo person would love is great and pure entertainment. There are some affordable streaming devices like The Roku Premiere which is just around $70. It is also one of the best streaming devices that provides high-quality entertainment with its 4K resolution when it comes to picture quality.

  • Sheet Masks

Leo people are also known to be leaders naturally. It is believed that they are born and destined to lead, and they can only do that if they have the energy for it. A coffee mug would surely give them the energy that they need. You can also print a leadership quote in the mug for an even better gift.

This list won’t just surely help you find a gift, but it would also even make that someone feel more connected and aligned with you! Whether she’s a friend or a special someone, try and please those Leo people with these luxurious items as a gift!