Jane Castro is a journalist and media enthusiast. She graduated from the University of Bacolod in the Philippines. She loves skating, scuba diving, and archery on her free time.

Let’s face it: We are lazy. And because we are lazy, making money online will never die. There are just too many people out there clicking and shopping. The problem is people identify making money online as an overwhelming project. This is not so. The three most important steps to making money online are:

  1. Take action
  2. Take action
  3. Take action

I’m not writing this to give you step-by-step breakdown of a guaranteed moneymaking scheme. I am writing this to give you the most important starting tip to making money online. And that is to take action. The biggest pitfall for most people’s online ventures is that they can never muster up enough courage to just go out and try something. You read, read, read, and read some more. But what you don’t do is hit the ground running. Not every venture you decide to try is going to be successful. Not every niche is going to be popular. So try one thing and then try another. You will learn more from your trials, your successes, and your failures and you will from all the reading and the world. A person can affiliate program through taking the correct action. Taking of the trials will be advantageous for the person. The earning of the money will be essential for the person.

90% of beginners decide to embark into Internet marketing. This is a very saturated field but it is not and never will be completely exhausted. It has low startup costs, low startup returns, and is very safe. But people want the best idea and the one niche that will make them millionaires. You spend months researching and prepping. And after all those months you find out your idea was not so good after all. What you should have done was take action originally. Just throw the idea out there and if it is good then you can tweak it.

Understand that I am not invoking quantity over quality. Rather, I am invoking action over inaction. It is the inactive entrepreneur that finds himself out of the game before it ever really started. Research is great and a fine tool that guides you through your moneymaking quest. But, it is not the determining factor for success. That factor is you and your fear. People want to make money without taking any risks. While that is line you’ll have always belonged to the 90% that fail. There is no money without risk. Say that over and over until it is imprinted into your brain. That’s it folks. That is the biggest secret. All of these guys making money online want you to sit back and read and research and never take any chances. It leaves more opportunities for them as you continue to be a spectator.