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Photoshop is an easy way to make pictures look like they were taken by a professional. Photoshop can be very addicting to those who haven’t used it much, and when you figure out how to edit your pictures like the professionals, you will love photography!

The key to photoshopping pictures is layers. Each time you want to add something or change something on a picture, you need another layer. To fix splotches or blemishes, use the spot healing brush. The spot healing brush takes all of the colors from around the spot you want to work on, and averages out the colors to blend the spot. This brush comes in handy eighty percent of the time when working on blemishes. Another helpful tool is the clone stamp tool. The clone stamp tool samples an area from the spot you click on and you can click another spot to send the clone image to the area. The clone stamp tool is great when you are working on skin tone and the back round of an image.

Fixing spots and scratched areas can be fixed easily with a few tools in Photoshop.

Lighting can be arranged however you’d like from brightening up the picture, to darkening up some areas. You can change the lighting of a picture with tools that fix small areas, or you can use lighting effect tools to change the lighting of the whole picture.Photoshopping pictures can make drastic changes that will make the photo stand out and look much better than it would without the effects. If there is something certain that you would like to do to a photo, you can look online at different tutorials.

Brushes are very important when working with photoshop. you can add many different effects to an image with a few clicks of a brush tool. Brushes range from different shapes,sizes and textures. You can add more texture to images and change the backrounds very easily with the brush tool.

Photoshop is a professional editing program and in order to really learn the program, you should take some classes or just play around with it for a while. Some tips for editing with Photoshop are that when taking pictures, you can always change the color or turn it to black and white with a single click. If you start with a black and white image in Photoshop, it is much more difficult to change the appearance of the image. Photoshop is a great program and it is important to have fun with the images you are working with, rather than making images bland and unnoticeable. There are photoshop mac free apps you can get out there.