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White Pages blanches france or White Papers are considered as a powerful marketing tool. This conveys your expertise and knowledge of the industry you are in. In essence, this helps position your organization as an industry influencer or thought leader.

This highlights specifically how your brand can provide solutions to real-world problems experienced in your industry. The document showcases persuasive and authoritative information to educate consumers about the benefits of your products and services; as well as to generate qualified leads that converts.

What is a White Page?

A White Page or White Paper is an in-depth guide or comprehensive record regarding a topic or problems that concern an industry which educates the audience as well as help provide solutions to pressing issues. This is a corporate document that is heavy on deep visual and textual data which has a formal tone.

There is no room for personal opinions or halo effect in a White Paper because the content is backed up by research or statistical data generated from reliable and authority sources. This also includes more visuals to support the text or has tables, charts, and graphs to present factual statistical data.

This is said to be a mix of an editorial and a technical read which is created to inform, understand the problem, make recommendations in terms of solution, and make a well-informed decision.

What is the Purpose of White Pages?

These white papers are used mainly for marketing purposes and also to present authority and expertise on a subject matter. This is a great way to market your brand and attract more potential customers or investors to the business. T

his highlights mainly your expertise and recommended solution to a nagging problem in the industry. Unlike a sales pitch, you are not bidding for any business but understanding your audience and matching your company’s products and services to provide solutions to their current problem. You are basically making recommendations as an industry leader and not making a sales pitch.

What Should You Write on a White Page?

There is basically a standard format for writing White Papers or White Pages. It looks similar to business or financial reports but the conclusion is mainly found right at the end rather than in the beginning out the outline.

A White Page considers the reader’s journey and guides them throughout the White Page by understanding the problem, finding out the pain points and other issues, as well as providing the solution which is backed up by facts and reliable statistical evidence. It is important to create informative headings to capture attention and to make the rest of the content very easy to understand.


Your title must be able to capture or captivate attention right away. It must evoke emotional conenction and trigger a response or action to want more information about the subject. This should incorporate the right keywords in it and must clearly indicate the problem area. Always write with your audience in mind.


The abstract must be relatable and should give the overview highlighting the main points of the discussion.

Problem Statement

This defines the problem or issue at hand in a context that the audience would understand. This gives them a clear viewpoint of the problem


This is the section which discusses the background information of the problem. This could be explained in both technical and general terms that your audience can understand.


With expert information and backed up by statistical data, the recommended solution is now discussed to the audience.


This provides a summary of recommendations and discusses the benefits of the solution.


All sources should be cited in the White Page to add validity to your document and as reference to future White Papers and researches.

When creating a White Page, you can get organized and focused by mind mapping. With many sources and ideas around, you can make use of a mind-mapping tool so you can make a visual landscape and connect different pieces of information to form one organized thought. This helps you create a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand and entice your audience using a provocative yet organic approach.