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There are many ways that women try to hide their age. Plastic surgeries and anti-aging creams are very popular ways women try to slow the process of aging. Did you know that that could not be enough?

The first way that smell reveals a woman’s age: Chemical called “nominal”

According to a study done by Japanese scholars, the older the person, the more chemicals, called “nominal”, he/she produces that arise from the dissolution of fatty acids in the skin starts to develop his body. This is caused by breaking down of fatty acids in the skin.

These substances have a specific foul odor that gets stronger as a person ages. The nominal level is twice as high in women in their forties then those in their twenties and thirties.

The second way that smell can reveal your age: Your perfume choice

An interesting conclusion was reached by researchers from Rogers State University that men can predict a woman’s age through the perfumes she wears.

Men mostly associate the smell of roses with older women and fruity smell with younger women.

Here is a secret: The smell of grapefruit can make women seem 5-6 years younger to a man.