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My precious computer caused me loads of problems this year. I’ve had it for four years, then it broke down. Three times it was repaired, and just a little while later after each repair, broke down. I eventually had to have a replacement. I couldn’t go back to a Dimension, I had an upgrade to an XPS. How much did all of this cost me? Nothing, because I had a four-year warranty on my computer. Before all the drama of the summer happened, there were signs that it was going crazy. Every now and then, a blue screen would pop up. I would think nothing of it. I’d shut off my computer and turn it on again or restore the computer, or delete temporary files, and it was o.k. again.

Don’t do what I did. If there is even the slightest hint of something wrong, take care of it in the beginning. Here are some things that you should do regularly to your computer.

1. Run your computers diagnostic disc

In my case, the diagnostics showed most everything worked ‘fine’ but I would say once a month, or couple months run it just to make sure. A couple of error messages did come up, but the technicians said it had nothing to do with why the computer wasn’t functioning.

2.Free Up Space

Temporary Internet files, other applications or files that you don’t really use, run your disk defragmenter in your systems tools and empty your trash.

3.Check Your Connections

Whatever isn’t working, keyboard, mouse, make sure it’s plugged in properly.

4. Check the power outlet

You can try different outlets in the room, or plug something into the same outlet as your computer and see if it’s working.

5.UnInstall any new software

Sometimes installing different applications causes a conflict in your computer. unInstall any new software you put in, and restore your computer back to the way it was before the software.

6.Reinstall your windows program

You should have a disk that came with your computer where you can either repair the problem, or reinstall windows all over again.

If after trying all these steps and it doesn’t work, then it would be time to call a technician. I called about two or three technicians who weren’t really that great, keep trying until you get a good one, you’ll know how good they are by the way they help you and try to get things resolved instead of making things long and drawn out but apparently no one did the servicing like Asus laptop repair technician Perth done and now my device is running flawless. I did not have to pay for a replacement. Here are somethings you should do before anything ever happens to your computer.

1. Get a warranty

I got a 4-year warranty. It’s still open until next August. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2.Get The Discs

I bought my computer 4 years ago, and a couple of the disks that came with the purchase were old, I needed new ones-not that it really helped, but in any other case, having updated disks could save you from having to call a technician.

3.Go Online

Before you even purchase a computer make sure the company you’re buying from has a support site online.


Make regular scans on your computer, to make sure everything is functioning properly.

If your computer ever crashes check out the links at the end of the article that can help turn things around.