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I was just sitting in my living room thinking about why psychics say different things, when the phone rang. It was my friend calling from Australia to say hello and that she’d be calling me back. 

As soon as she said her name, I knew something was wrong. She never calls to chat unless it’s really important. So I asked if she could call back later. 

“No. No! You’re not going to believe this!” she said. “He’s been murdered.” 

My heart sunk into my stomach; I couldn’t even respond. I sat there speechless. Finally I asked what he looked like. 

“Well, you’ve got him on your computer screen right now,” she said. 

I had no idea what she was talking about. I told her I didn’t have a television or a computer. 

“Oh, but you must have one of those laptop computers. All of us use them. They’re so convenient,” she explained犀利士

When I still didn’t get her point, she insisted I turn on my computer. That’s when I saw the body of a man who had just been shot. My heart sank more into my stomach. 

“You can see his face?” I asked with disbelief. 

“Yes. He has a bullet hole through his head. But we think it was self-inflicted. The police haven’t made any statement yet, but they are investigating it as a suicide.” 

I tried to make sense of what she was saying. “But how do you know that someone else hasn’t done it?” I asked. 

She replied, “Because I saw it happen. I went inside the house to check on the situation, and then I saw the bullet come out of his head. Then I heard a bang and realized he must have taken his own life.” 

This is the first time anyone ever called me to tell me that someone I love has died. I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to kill themselves. 

I started to cry uncontrollably. I don’t remember anything after that. When I woke up the next morning, my husband was standing over me. He didn’t know what happened. I told him I didn’t know either. 

It took a few days for me to sort everything out. I kept replaying the scene in my mind, trying to figure out why the person would shoot himself. I finally decided that maybe the person was in some kind of financial trouble and wanted to end it all. Maybe the person was depressed and needed help. It made perfect sense to me at that moment. 

Then I remembered my friend telling me that she hadn’t seen the actual shooting, only the aftermath. Since she wasn’t there, how did she know that the gunshot came from the head or that it was a suicide? 

I began to worry about other people who might not have psychic abilities. What if they didn’t see the whole thing? How could they possibly know? And then I wondered whether other psychics were lying too. After all, they wouldn’t want to give false information to someone who loved someone. Wouldn’t they? 

The next day, my husband called me again. This time, he told me that the police had found an old family letter addressed to my late boyfriend. It was written by my ex-boyfriend’s sister, and she said that he had committed suicide. It turns out that he had indeed killed himself because of money problems. 

Why didn’t the police find that letter before? Why did they need me to come forward? Wasn’t it obvious? This was a very upsetting experience. Although my husband and I had both known about the letter, we were surprised that the police didn’t already know about it. 

What should I do now? Should I continue to trust psychics? Should I start questioning every single word that comes out of their mouths, even though most of them do provide accurate information? Or should I stop trusting anyone who says anything at all? 

That’s a tough choice to make. On the one hand, you probably shouldn’t let anyone influence your decision without checking into it yourself. On the other hand, you may not be able to verify everything that comes out of someone’s mouth anyway. If you decide that you are willing to take risks with your health and well-being, then you will have to accept whatever happens and move on. 

If you do decide that you need to be careful, you can always ask a trusted friend or relative to accompany you whenever you meet with a psychic. In fact, they might even be better than a stranger. 

Psychic readers aren’t necessarily dishonest people. Most of them just don’t have access to the same kinds of clairvoyant powers that you do. You’ll have to decide for yourself which ones you want to follow.